Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Navaho Chief at the Palette and Chisel

A recent history
of the Palette and Chisel
notes that:

" Adee Dodge,
Tribal Chief and
Administrator of the Navajo Indian Nation"

joined the Palette and Chisel back in the early 1960's.

Internet biographies never mention his
living in Chicago,
but he did marry a Chicago girl -- so who knows ?

There also seems to be some dispute over whether

"Adee was a Major in the Army Air Corp,
flying P-38
in the Pacific theatre -and began sketching

while recovering from his war wounds."

-- or ---

"Adee spent most of his service years in the
Midwestern Procurement District stationed out of
Wright-Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio

- with the rank of First Lieutenant."

( And there's also some question
whether he was ever an Indian Chief )

But still ......

he was obviously a colorful character

and the P&C is proud
to have
had him as a member !

Rose Frantzen Workshop - 2008

Rose Frantzen
came back to P&C this month
to conduct
an oil-painting demo
and workshop

Charlotte Arnold
was kind enough
to share these pictures with us

the demo in progress

Charlotte reports that:

Her workshop was fantastic in my opinion.
She is a remarkable woman who is very giving of her knowledge,
and her energy is unsurpassed.
She gave me a new way of seeing color.
Coming from a career with emphasis on watercolor,
oil painting has been a challenge.
I have studied with many great artists in my time,
but none had explained it as well as Rose.

I’m sure it will take time to process,
so thank God for the open studio’s!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Fox Lake Summer Camp, 1921

This is the summer house the club used to have in Fox Lake, shown as it was in 1921. Have you seen this house? We are wondering if it still stands.

The Clubhouse in 1921

Here is a photo of 1012 N. Dearborn from 1921 when the club moved to its current location. It had been a rooming house for a number of years before the move.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Exhibit: Sculpture and Drawing 2008

Scene from the reception,
January 18, 2008

(head with bird - Ralph Cossentino)

Perhaps it's just my fading memory,
but I really can't remember a P&C
sculpture/drawing exhibit
as exciting as this one.

Rich Morrow
(Carlton Fisk)

Perhaps that's because Rich Morrow
has finally exhibited his
monumental opus magnus
which towered over his
small studio in the basement
for so many years.

There was some drama
over whether it would be cast
or destroyed when he was moving out
of that studio

And I have a hunch
that interest in the statue
might even out live
interest in the famous ball player

Audrey Cramblitt

Roger Akers

"Cassie at the Movies"

Roger Akers

Misha Livshulz
(Jerry Warshaw)

Pascal Cruq

Phil Renaud

The other reason for so much
excitement over this show
was the quality of the figure drawing.

Phil Renaud

As Phil Renaud actually consented to show
drawings made in the previous year,
rather than work done back in the fifties.

Phil Renaud

Larry Paulsen

And Phil is not the only
remarkable draftsman at the academy

Larry Paulsen

Charlotte Arnold

If you visit a national figure-drawing website,
like Barebrush.com
you'll see just how rare these qualities are
in younger generations. of artists.

Charlotte Arnold

John Philbin Dolan

Leslie Dinelli

Lois Raub

Lois Raub

Nancie King Mertz

Misha Livshulz

Keith Raub

Lenin Del Sol

Leslie Dinelli

George Freeman

Gil Ghez
"The Vasari Corridor"

Jim Hajicek

John Bosjancich

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

George Clark

Chad Aldrin

Christopher Sontheimer

C.J. Lancaster

Al Hruby

Bert Stephens

Brian Clare

Saturday, January 12, 2008

P&C Painters In American Artist

Fred Wackerle

Here's a feature article
about the Chicago Plein Aire Painters
from this month's edition of "American Artist"

Christina Body

Pablo DeLeon

Stephen Gianinni

Barbara Herring

Leslie Outten