Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Topics In History

**********The 19th Century

The Inland Printer of June, 1896 discusses the beginning of a new artist association

The Inland Printer of 1897 discusses that association's first year

What was The Inland Printer ?

Promotional material for the 1898 exhibit called the "Salon de Refuse"

The Athenaeum Building, location of the P&C from 1895 to 1921

**********1900 -1910

Who was Ralph A. Blakelock ? (the man whose palette has hung above the fireplace for the past hundred years)

Membership Roster, 1906

An Edwardian Lecture Series on topics of Art history from Egypt, China, and beyond.

Otto Hake Gets Engaged


Grand Opening Season (1915) of the P&C's rustic retreat near Fox Lake.

Searching for the Lost Summer Camp.

Art Institute Exhibit of 1916

In memory of the elevator operator of the Athenaeum Building.

History of the building on Dearborn

The Lost donations of 1924 and 1929.

The sign out front of 1928.

Cartoon of 1928 for the P&C Summer camp

Life class at work in a video from the 1920's


The legal document (1933) that changes the name (and purpose) of a 'Club' to an 'Academy'

40th Anniversary as noted in the 1935 'Chicagoan' feature called "Art is Not Too Long"

An official statement regarding membership dues, levels, and privileges from "Our Aims And What We Offer" c. 1940

For Men Only, 1957 article in The Chicago American

Gold Medal Winners, 1913 to 1987

1943 feature article (with photos) from the Chicago Daily News

50th Anniversary exhibit at the Art Institute


Women's Gold Medallion Winners (back when men and women competed separately)

**********1980 - 2000

Overview: 1980-1996


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