Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fiftieth Anniversary

From April 5 to May 20, 1945, Galleries 52 and 53 of the Art Institute of Chicago were devoted to the 50th Anniversary of the Palette and Chisel Academy.

The artists shown are listed as follows:

Adam Emory Albright
A. Alfredson
Norman Andersen
C. Curry Bohm
Karl C. Brandner
Frank T. M. Beatty
C. Carey Cloud
Frank V. Dudley
Robert Grafton
Walter Graham
J. Jeffrey Grant
Fred Grey
Edward T. Grigware
Oskar Gross
E. Martin Hennings
Victor Higgins
Othmar Hoffler
Rudolph Ingerle
Wilson Irvine
Holger Jensen
H. L. Jorgensen
Karl Krafft
Erwin Kummer
Leo A. Marzolo
Lawrence Mazzanovich
Frederick Mulhaupt
Arvid Nyholm
Vincent L. O'Connor
Karl Ouren
Edgar Payne
Arthur G. Rider
Eugene Savage
N. P. Steinberg
Antonin Sterba
Joseph Tomanek
James Topping
Arnold E. Turtle
Walter Ufer
Nicola Veronica
Charles Sneed Williams

The "only art association west of Pittsburgh that maintains regular classes with a model" ? Wow -- we really do have a tradition of figure model workshops, don't we.

So..... what happened ? Why didn't the Art Institute host a 100th anniversary exhibition ? As I vaguely recall --- there was some discussion on this topic back in 1994 -- but I think everyone knew that the Art Institute would no longer be interested.

By the way -- the exhibition catalog also listed the following paintings as coming from the Art Institute's collection:

Lawrence Mazzanovich - "April 20"
Karl Krafft - "Mississippi River"
Wilson Irvine - "Autumn"
Ingerle - "The Swapping Grounds"
Victor Higgins - "Spring Rains"
Eugene Savage - "Arbor Day"
Walter Ufer - "Solemn Pledge"

I know the Higgins and the Ufer are still there -- and they're currently on display in the American Wing -- but what about the others ? Further research is required.

And as you might have noticed, some of the artists on display were deceased -- and one of them was a woman, Nicola Veronica:

Here's a watercolor done by her in 1941 -- but no other information about her has yet been found.


Blogger Cobalt Blue said...

I'm quite confident that Nicola Veronica--winner of the Gold Medal in 1943 and 1974 was in fact a man.

October 12, 2006  
Blogger Cobalt Blue said...

"Swappin' Grounds" by Ingerle is hanging in the Art Institute's Ryerson Library. Some of their best stuff is in there--including four sculptures by Polask and an Arvid Nyholm painting, maybe the same one he exhibited.

October 12, 2006  

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