Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lili Auer

The above fountain (lovingly maintained by Rich Morrow) in the P&C's courtyard garden is as familar to every member as the identity of its creator remains a mystery.

We know that her name was Miss Lili Auer -- but beyond that, the only information I could find is what follows:

*Born in Munich, 1904
*Studied at the Woodcarving Trade School, Kunstgewerbeschule, Academy of Fine Art 1920-1930
*Art Institute Chicago Vicinity Show, 10 times 1930-1945
*Municipal Art League Prize, 1941

*1936 - served as juror for the annual American Paintings and Sculpture exhibit, juried in New York (by C Paul Jenewein and Chonzio Maldarelli) and Chicago (Raoul Josset, Lorado Taft, Robert Jay Wolff) note: The two New York jurors were the two premier American public sculptors of the 30's, Josset was a French-born architectural art-deco sculptor, Wolff was a young abstract sculptor/painter who later led the Brooklyn Academy, and Taft, the dean of Chicago sculptors, would die a few months later.

1945 - Prize in Chicago Galleries Assoc. member show for "Repose"
1953 - Salem Lutheran church - exhibit of Modern Art
1954 - restored art objects at the James Deering estate "Vizcaya" in Miami

So she was a trained, professional sculptor who clearly had the respect of the city arts community --- but none of her work can be found on the auction websites.

As a woman, she could not become an artist member of the P&C -- but as a native German, she probably got along well with the many ethnic German men who were members -- and was probably considered "just one of the boys."

1924 "Haystacks", collection of Michael Todor


1942, $100 Municipal Art League Prize

Allerton Park , University of Illinois, Monticello Illinois


Blogger Michael said...

I happen to own a Lili Auer painting dated 1924. Its a dreamy painting of haystacks on an old farm. Although I didn't pay much for the painting (purchased at an antique store in Western PA), there is a special quality to the painting that I have always been captivated by. I keep it above the mantle on my fireplace.

New Castle, PA

July 30, 2008  
Blogger chris miller said...

How fascinating!
We would love to post an image of those haystacks, Michael, if you would care to send it.

July 31, 2008  
Blogger todormj said...

Ok, close to 5 years later I'll post a picture of the painting. I'l a also included a detail of her signature.

January 26, 2013  

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