Thursday, November 16, 2017

Exhibit : Holiday Sale

Debra Balchen

A delightful rush of translucent color that seems to recall the artist's life in Cairo (Egypt, not Illinois).

Kraig Hogan

Kraig Hogan

This is the first time I've noticed his work - and might be the first time he's shown it here.

I like it!

Errol Jacobson

An exciting night in the neighborhood.

Helen Oh and Andrew Conklin

Barbara Herring

Our best painter of the "American Scene"

It's always pleasant to stroll around a college campus.

Larry Paulsen

A nice figure - as if made from bent wire.

Leonid Ossening

Our master of the calligraphic nude.

Leslie Outten

A surprising and enjoyable contrast between a hectic beach and the hulking building behind it.

Stacey Street

Monday, November 13, 2017

Exhibit: Pamel Valvano Gibson

This is the first animal-only exhibit in over 25 years (so far as I remember).  Is it the first ever at the Palette and Chisel ?

As you can see above -- it's not just about the animal -- it's also about a certain elegant, liquid  sense of beauty.

And it's about animals as if they were family members.  (not so much them being human -- but more like you, the human viewer, being one of them)

This elegant piece reminds me Japanese screens -- or this Japanese wood carving at the Art Institute.

It's so refreshing to see nature art that about  gesture, expression, and large simple shapes -- instead of finicky detail.

I like the psychology here - and empathize with the desire to run free - but
I assume this creature has been fenced in for good reason.

Since the alligator had no interest (or need) to move -- this is the only painting in the show done on site

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Open House 2017

Ali Hasmut

1012 North Dearborn is included in the Chicago Architectural Biennial, giving our artists an opportunity to show to much a broader public than usually climbs up our steps.

And once again - this makes for one of the best shows of the year.

It's good to see Ali Hasmut again -- the above image is equally alluring and menacing.

 Barbara Ansell

 Barbara Kay Herring

Time travel back to 1930

 Bobbie Puttrich

Andrew Conklin

The pigment on the right is spreading out onto the beach just like the surf on the left.

This piece will spend centuries in the collections of people who love painting.

 Errol Jacobson

Evelyn Brody

 Fabiola  Roquena

I love lonely, mysterious urban views - especially when water is involved.

 Helen Oh

Another masterpiece - breath taking.

 Lenin Delsol

Leonid Ossening

This is how Chicago appears to an artist who grew up in Russia --- it's a whacky-fun place.

Nancie King Mertz

Nancie King Mertz

I hope that Nancie does many more aerial views.

This one is transcendent.

 It appears to depict the Elks Memorial (by the way - it was decorated with murals by a member of the Palette and Chisel)

 Stacy Street

This could be me waiting for a train that's been delayed. (though I read books - not smart phones )

Stephanie  Weidner

The Modern  Wing of the Art Institute has always reminded me of a mausoleum -- and Stephanie has painted it with the appropriate somber dignity.

Steve Puttrich

Stuart Fullerton

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Exhibit: Real - Impressions

This exhibition contrasts the painting of Donna J. West on the left  (the "Impressions") with Stephanie Weidner on the right (the "Real")

I have written about it here

Here are some of Stephanie's paintings:

                                                a happily married couple ?


Here are some of Donna's: