Sunday, May 12, 2019

Exhibition : Stacey Street and Donna West

Donna West

This large,  dramatic floral has a hint of danger.

 - almost as if the flowers were carnivorous 
and  reaching out into the galley to grab you.

I like it.

Stacey Street

All the other paintings shown on this page  are by Stacey Street
 - one of my favorite Palette and Chisel artists.

In addition to being quite talented at  arranging things.....

her pieces feel true to her life -- rather than to any 
antiquated or provocative or popular
notion of what paintings
should or should not do.

And she seems to be celebrating a healthy mind and ordinary life -
which does make her rather eccentric in the world of art.

Monday, May 06, 2019

Palette and Chisel at the 2019 Conference of the Portrait Society of America

Mary Qian

Tim Rees, "The Bribe"

Of the 32  artists invited to paint demos at the 2019 Conference of the Portrait  Society of America in Atlanta, three have Palette and Chisel connections:  Rose Frantzen, Tim  Rees, and Mary Qian.

As shown above,  two were among the 24 finalists who won  awards at their 21st Annual International Portrait Competition.

Those who were here ten years ago might recognize Brittany, who once modeled at the Palette and Chisel. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Budget 2019



Members April 2019
last name first name

Abbati Kim
Akalaonu Blessing
Akers Roger
Aldrin Chad
Allen Jeff
Anderson Bonnie
Ansell Barbara
Arenberg Diane
Arnold Charlotte
Bair Jack
Balchen Debra
Barry Cathy
Beaumont Linell
Beck Kimberly
Beck III Clayton
Becker David
Beckstrom Jack
Bedolla J Antonio
Bellon Mary Beth
Bellows Jayne
Bentley Jason
Bertucco Richard
Bloomfield Richard
Blue Brenda
Body Christina
Bond Paul
Boroski Brian
Boshardy Louisa
Bostjancich John
Brodny Phyllis
Brody Evelyn
Buck Cathy
Burch Shannon
Burdick Scott
Burkhardt Lou Ann
Burrell James
Carlson Stephen C.
Ciezkowski Halina
Cirne-Lima Henrique
Clark George
Clarkson Andrea
Clough Linda Jo
Cole Buell
Conklin Andrew
Cossentino Ralph
Cramblit Audry
Crocker Ken
Crumbaugh Elena
Currier Alfred
Cushing David
Dabholkar Arun
Dammers Samuel
David Douglas
Delsol Lenin
Doherty Carolyn
Dolan John
Dong Xiao
F. Yun Jae
Fan Judy
Firkins Terry
Flapan Jan
Freeman George
Friedman Adele
Fullerton Stuart
Gailen Winifred
Gerdy Donna
Gibson Pamela
Grigg Jim
Grzebielski Ray
Hajicek James
Handley John
Hasmut Ali
Herring Barbara
Hosbein Kristin
Hsueh Wei
Huddle Mark
Hurnbert -Barbara
Hurt Jones Christine
Hynes Diane
Jacobson Errol
Jones Richmond
Kantz Phil
Kealy Susie
Kelly Auntone
Kintz Karol
Kolleng Daniel
Koster Kenneth
Kuc Susan
Kujaca Jim
Lancaster CLJ
Lee Sookyi
Lee Lilly
LeVan Randie
Liang Rong
Lidge Jacquelyn
Livshultz Misha
Lukas Paul
Malagon Miguel
Maloney Mary
Margaret Abbott
Mattingly Jessica
Matzdorf JQan
McAlevy Henry
McClure Randal
McLoughlin Mary
Mertz Nancie
Miller Chris
Monastyretsky Walter
Morrow Richard
Muehl Torsten
Mumford Ellen
Murphy Lenore
Murray Jane Ellen
Nasko II
Newman Kathleen
Niccoli Terry
Noonan Barbara
O'Connor Mary Jane
Oh Helen
Okada Soko
Outten Leslie
Palmer Mary
Paulsen Larry
Phanthavong John
Puttrich Bobbie
Puttrich Steve
Qian Mary
Raab Sharon
Raub Lois
Raub Keith
Rich Lesley (Mosher)
Richter Tobin
Roque J. Karl
Ruiz Jerry
Saldana Ronda
Sazonoff Dayle
Schneider William
Scott Adam
Settle Claudia
Shapiro-Weiss Syril
Small Margaret
Smith Jackie
Sobolak Janet
Spence Cable
Spence Dee Dee
Spitzer Jean
Stachnik Joan
Stanaszek Valerie
Steffy Marion
Summers Alan
Tartakover Vladimir
Tracy Janet L.
Traisman Adrienne
Trotter William
Truesdell Aaron
Van Zeyl Michael
Vera Arturo
Vice Linda
Vincent Andrea L.
Walker Roland
Wall Liz
Warner Nadine
Weidner Stephanie
Wentz Edwin
White Linda
Wilcox-Zhego Elizabeth
Wilkow Clifton
Williams Sharon
Wu Yeongchi
Yachik Val D.
Yoder Loretta
Yonan Gloria
Zaremba George
Zhang Bo
Zonis Alex

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Postcard in the Library

Who would have guessed that a priceless artifact of Palette and Chisel history would have been pressed between the pages of this disintegrating book in the kitchen library for the past 115 years.

While leafing through the book, Tor discovered this postcard, dating back to 1913, sent from Josef Froula to Fred Larson.

Fred Larson was the man who mortgaged his family home so the Palette and Chisel Club could purchase 1012 N. Dearborn.   Needless to say, he was the most important member we ever had.

Josef Froula (1887-1939) was a young Czech artist who appears to have painted landscapes in Indiana.

You might note that the card was addressed to Larson, c/o the Pontiac Engraving Company, on Printers Row at 542 S. Dearborn.

Here is the other side of the postcard-- possibly showing Froula standing in front of the cabin where he stayed while painting the surrounding countryside.

Here are  some of the paintings that possibly he made there

rather lively, I'd say

the dunes, perhaps?

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Gold Medal Show - 2019

Walter Monastyretsky, "A  Day at the Golf Course"

Who is this guy with the tight lips,  sharp stare, and straw hat?

Looks like he could even be the owner of that golf course - or maybe a fleet of refrigerated trucks,  or perhaps a hockey  team.  He's got to be some kind of  big shot in that glowing city off in the distance.

Definitely a  Republican.

This is the national moment for high rolling businessmen - and this is a great painting of that moment.

It's my pick for this year's gold medal.             

Sako Okaden, "Pascal"

I'm always  partial to portraits of important people -- and who is more important than the person who picks up after us?

Jesssica Smit Mattingly

I feel a lot of drama in this economically painted scene.

Has the lady just learned that her husband is stepping out on her?

Stuart Fullerton

Helen Oh

Usually, it's  really disappointing when an artist displays a piece that has already been shown.

But not this piece!

It remains refreshing.

John Jacobsen, "Crows and Civilization"

Can't figure this one out.

Are Adam and Eve starting out all over again?

It looks kind of ominous.
Paradise is not what it used to be.

Jacobsen is a PHD in Physics with a rather remarkable resume
 that includes ten trips to the south pole.

I'm glad he's painting.

Andrew Conklin

Here's another puzzler.

One possible interpretation:

Figurative painting is taking a break,
while the artist paints a still life.

Barbara Ansell

(We've also seen this piece before).

Chad Aldrin

Here are two very different, but charming landscapes that might exemplify the difference  between Impressionist and post-impressionist ( or self-taught ? ) painting.

Debra Balchen

Creates a mood rather than fills a space.

Nancie King Mertz

Errol Jacobson

Here's a couple of cityscapes that make for a good comparison,
and not just because Nancie painted Chicago and Errol depicted Paris.

Jose Zendejas

Lenin Del Sol

Originally intended as some kind of fantasy illustration, 
it also tragically depicts a  model who took her own life last year.

Lenore Murphy

Leonid Osseny

I didn't really need to see this painting again  -- but apparently it has been turning the subject into a local legend who was recently accosted by two women on a train platform who saw this portrait at the Skokie public library.

Pat Brutchin

Like Degas' dancers, this one reminds us that these are
 strong, tough young women, as well as nimble creatures of fantasy.

Rich Morrow

Another real head scratcher.
Something about fourteen cats and eleven Roman columns.
(by way of  explanation, Mr. Morrow clarified that there are 21 cats and 14 columns)

Stacey Street

Stephanie   Weidner

Tim Leeming

I can just imagine Tim's joy when he came across this bountiful, 
 over-stuffed dumpster in an Oak Park alley.

(correction: it's the alley just north of Madison in Forest Park.
I bike down that alley quite frequently on trips to the hardware store.
I'll have to check it out next time)

Tom Zamiar

Val Yachik,  "Fate"

Does Val identify with the spider or the fly ?

This piece is good and creepy.

Adele Friedman

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

2019 - Faculty Exhibit

Audrey Cramblit

James Hajicek

Quite a contrast between these two instructors - with what might be called the yin and yang of sculpture.

All three pieces have a nice presence.

 Clayton Beck III

 love these details

Errol Jacobson

It appears that people are taking a more prominent role in Errol's cityscapes

 Helen Oh

 another delightful detail

Larry Paulsen

Lenin Del Sol

A spot-on portrait of the academy's most devoted member
Lenin has been making several lively portraits lately.
Like Blues great, Robert Johnson,
he may have recently met someone at the crossroads.