Monday, August 24, 2015

Teacher and Students Show 2015


Jason Schroeder

The above painting has  nothing to do with sculpture, and little to do with drawing -- at least the kind of figure drawing practiced in our workshops.  But I did find it fascinating, because it was painted by one of the city's  best male models - and it does seem to express  the kind of energy he emanates from the model stand.

Henrique Cirne-Lima

The highlight of this year's show are the works of a Brazilian born sculptor .  As one might guess,  figure sculpture has remained more Classical in Brazil than it has in America.

Currently, he is a student in a sculpture class.

But he ought to be one of the teachers.

Henrique Cirne-Lima

Henrique Cirne-Lima

Obviously, this man is quite talented in sculpture, but his presence on the internet would suggest that he is primarily a documentary film maker.

Debra Balchen

Here is  the other highlight of this show.

It feels like a  natural, expressive human figure, but its splotchy, puffy,  consistently rumpled surface also  has much  in common with trendng "uglyfying" academics   like this one

It's a nice piece, and I can't remember seeing anything quite like it.


Arturo Aldama

Here's my favorite drawing from the show - portraying a model who recently married one of our artists and moved West with him. It feels  academic and awkward - but also  invokes, for me , the poignant character of that woman.

And its quiet intensity feels like it might have come from the workshop of Jan Van Eyck.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Gold Medal Show - 2015

Misha Livshultz

This is the best sculptural portrait that Misha has ever done -- as well as the  best that I've ever seen in our gallery.  Its subject is Del Hall, the club's unofficial photographer of record.  As it turns out, Del has had quite career shooting famous people and events -- and this face reflects  his many adventures.

Contrary to the  notions of one local authority  , figure sculpture can offer a kind of likeness that has nothing in common with the clinically correct displays found in  wax museums.

Richard Morrow

This is my pick for the Silver Medal.  I don't have much patience with joke-art because  seriousness needs to be cultivated outside commercial and religious contexts.

But this is one beautifully executed gag.

Stephanie Weidner

This is my pick for Bronze Medal.  It's deft simplicity is so refreshing - in a show where everything else tries to go in the opposite direction.

Buell Cole

Clayton Beck

Errol Jacobson

(this won the Gold Medal -- which Errol also won last year. It's quirky/solemn mood made me think of a science fiction episode where citizens have filled the streets after an alien invasion)

Jose Bedolla

 Mark Huddle


Stuart Fullerton

Robert Tati

(This won the second-place medal)

Rong Liang