Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Organizational FAQ

1. What kind of organization is the Palette and Chisel ?

The P&C is a federally approved 501-C3 Educational Not-for-profit.

2. Are donations to the P&C tax deductable ?


3. If the building at 1012 N. Dearborn were sold, would the proceeds divided among the membership ?

No -- when a 501-C3 Corporation dissolves, it's assets can only be donated to another such organization.

4. Can anyone become a member ?

There is an application procedure that involves an interview and a presentation of slides. Over the last 20 years, almost everyone who has applied has been accepted -- though some have been asked to first take some classes.

5. Who runs the Palette and Chisel ?

Responsibility is vested in a board of directors which is elected by the membership. The board hires all staff -- including the executive director.

6. Can all members vote ?

Only artist members can vote -- but anyone can become an artist member one-year after joining as a member by paying a one-time fee (which is currently less than $100)

7. What are the quarterly meetings ?

The voting members, through their quarterly meetings, have the responsibility of electing the board, approving the annual budget, approving increases in the dues, and approving any expenditure over $5000 / event.

8. Can any voting member make any motion at a quarterly meeting ?

Yes -- but motions cannot be voted on until the next meeting -- after they have been placed on the proxy ballots that will be mailed to all voting members.

9. Why does the P&C still exist ? Why is it the only U.S. artist organization (other than one in NYC) that had survived for over 100 years ?

Because in the 1920's Fred Larson, a founding member, took the extraordinary step of mortagaging his family home to help the P&C purchase the property at 1012 N. Dearborn.

10. Why does the P&C still pursue a pre-1950 standard for fine art ? Why hasn't it become either a contemporary gallery or a standard-free recreational facility ?

Because all members vote -- and enough members care.

Because nobody has yet seriously tried to change it


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