Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peonies for Diane Rath

As some of you may know,
a Fund raising event
was held tonight for Diane Rath
to help defray
some of her medical expenses

The exhibit will continue
at the
Lake Bluff train station
through April

it's kind of a unique venue

what better way
to pass the time
while waiting for a train
into the city.

Here's Diane
with one of the pieces
sold at the silent auction.

(the blurry face to the right
is my wife heading
for the refreshment table)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scenes from an art school

I just found
these charming
sculptural panels

The sculptor
is yet to be
but the pieces
are located
in Berlin
and were probably made
in the early 20th Century.

There is no connection
to the Palette and Chisel
except that
they depict
what we are still doing.

See that guy
in the last panel
who is
sight-sizing ?

And the fellow
at the far right
does look
alot like

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gold Medal Show : 2011

Third Prize

My biggest thrill
in this show
was our introdution
to Ali Hasmut.

Like the Chinese in our club,
he seems to be from the
Russian school.

Here's his self portrait
that I pulled
off Facebook.

I also liked
Michael Van Zeyl's portrait
of an elegant lady.

She seems to be a
large water bird
poised for flight.

Second Prize

And then there was
Jose Anthony Bedolla's
of our most popular
male model
who also performs
as a musician.

And I liked
John Philbin Dolan's
rustic depiction of his
"Dad's Tools"

"Peoples Choice"

But the show stopper
was this babe
by Roger Akers

a fully clothed model
can be even sexier
than a nude.

And Roger signed it
on her left buttock.

I'm intrigued
by this domestic scene
by Bert Stephens
"Chrome and Loneliness"

What is happening here?

(actually - Bert says the
title should read "Chroma and Loneliness"
...but I'm still puzzled)

Diane Rath

There is something so sad
and yet triumphant
about these roses
in the snow.

Gold Medal, Diane Hynes

Much to my embarassment,
in the first edition
of this post,
I completely neglected
the winner
of this year's Gold Medal.

What was I thinking?

Take a look at her website.
she is quite a painter,
of decorative landscapes.


Linda Vice

Clayton Beck III

Dominic Catena

Phyllis Brodny

Timothy Rees

Saturday, January 08, 2011

August Petrtyl

I've been staring
at the portrait
of August Petrtyl (1867-1937)
in the P&C dining room
for 20 years now
without knowing
much about him,
except that he was
President of the Club
in 1906.

Until the owner
of the above watercolor
kindly sent us
its image

Then, some research
revealed that Petrtyl
could be found
all over the internet,
as the illustrator
of some pulp fiction
in his era.

Some of these books,
like Oswald Langdon
can be found
reproduced online
in their entirety.

And he did a credible job
with historical fiction
in a series about
Alexander the Great

He also did
a deck of tarot cards

and some patriotic
political cartoons
for a Czech publication

No one seems to appreciate America
than an immigrant
from somewhere else.

was one of several
in the early P&C.

A man of many talents,
he also designed
the curving roads and organically shaped lots
that filled an additional 60 acres
that were added to

Bohemian National Cemetery

in 1902.

(BTW -- the statue
on its current homepage
was modeled by
Albin Polasek
another member of the Palette and Chisel)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Budget 2011

Some items of note:

*The income from dues is expected to drop again, despite the raise enacted last year

*of the $30,000 income allotted to the building fund, about $8,000 has been
allocated to general expenses

*according to the office:
cash balance in the general fund = $60,000
cash balance in the building fund =$93,000


balloting results:

total full-dues members: 195
voting members : 150
votes cast : 47
voting to approve : 47


Balance sheet, May 2011

Monday, January 03, 2011

The Art Odyssey Blog

Carl Samson, Cincinnati, "Triumph of Truth"

I have no idea who's doing it,
but someone has been assembling
quite a list of
contemporary figure painters
and putting it up
on the Art Odyssey blog

It's been running about
two years
and so far
it's got over 3,000 painters
from around the world.

Including several
from the Palette and Chisel:

Romel De La Torre

Clayton Beck

Rose Frantzen

Mary Qian

William Schneider

Scott Burdick

Scott Powers

Marci Oleszkiewicz

Nancy Guzik

Sue Lyon

Michele Mitchell-Ostland

Ken Cadwallader

(there may be more,
but it will take me a while
to dig through
them all)

(and BTW - it's got a GREAT soundtrack
that I'm currently using
as an internet radio station)