Sunday, January 14, 2018

Plein Air - 2018

Alvino Perez

Don Yang

(note: It's been a problem before -- and it still needs to addressed:  the upper side of the picture frames are throwing horizontal shadows across the top of the paintings in our gallery. The lighting needs to be adjusted)

Don Yang

Errol Jacobson

George Clark

Joy Bauer

Kaitlyn Hwang

Kraig Hogan

Kraig Hogan

Mary Longe

 Nancie King Mertz

 Robin Strand

 Stephanie Weidner

Steve Johnson

Tim Leeming

Tim Leeming

Chris:   Loved your new paintings and the new frames too! 
The paintings feel more luminous - and therefore more cheerful.

Perhaps you've grown even more fond of dumpsters.

Tim:  Garbage is one of the few things we still make in this country. And a lot of it is locally sourced.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

New Year's Drawing Marathon 2018

Photos by Del Hall

Some of  Del's photos are better than any of  the drawings made on this day