Thursday, June 28, 2012

Exhibition: Yefim Rudminsky

When the daughter of Yefim Rudminsky (1937-1994) came to Nancie King Mertz to get frames for her father's paintings, Nancie knew that they deserved an exhibit in Chicago -- and what better place than the Palette and Chisel, which recently has become something of an outpost for the Russian tradition.

The show offers a good look into this man's sensitive soul.

Many of the pieces work with an explicitly Jewish theme.

David and Bathsheeba

These trees are more erotic than the remorseful lovers shown above.

My favorites are the life drawings that were kept in a few notebooks on display.

I'm not sure if this was student work, or done later in his life, but I love this early modern approach to figures, which is more about the space that they occupy than either anatomy or narrative.

Perhaps that reflects his profession as an architect.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Suite: 2012

Michele Soncini

Bodo Stolczenbrger

Mary Klug

Sandy Kowerko

Joan Stachnik

Here's the photos that Del Hall took at the grand opening

The opening was accompanied by dance

... and poetry