Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Suite 2014

 Bodo Stolczenberger

There's about five of us who draw at each and every drawing workshop we can get to - and I assume that the other four share my philosophy:  if you draw often enough, eventually one will turn out good -  or at least as good as this one.

Peggy Sanders

This luscious pastel dates back  more than twenty years. 
 I wish she still did this kind of thing.

 Peggy Sanders

She's gotten more classical over time -- must be channeling Watteau

Ralph Paquet

Here's a new member- to both the Palette and Chisel and the "Summer Suite" annual exhibit.

Like most of the early members, he's a graphic arts professional -- with LOTS of experience.

He works at the same shop as Mary Klug.

I love to look at  bad girls --i.e. girls who will make as much trouble as they are desirable.



Mary Klug

Once you tune in to Mary Klug's weird vibration -- it's very difficult to tune  out her community  of hapless  middle class women

Mary has perfectly captured a typical moment in friendship.
Both weird  and normal -- which would apply just about every social interaction.

 Michele Soncini

Rob Waters

Hah! Must be all dressed up for last weekend's Pride Parade