Thursday, November 16, 2017

Exhibit : Holiday Sale

Debra Balchen

A delightful rush of translucent color that seems to recall the artist's life in Cairo (Egypt, not Illinois).

Kraig Hogan

Kraig Hogan

This is the first time I've noticed his work - and might be the first time he's shown it here.

I like it!

Errol Jacobson

An exciting night in the neighborhood.

Helen Oh and Andrew Conklin

Barbara Herring

Our best painter of the "American Scene"

It's always pleasant to stroll around a college campus.

Larry Paulsen

A nice figure - as if made from bent wire.

Leonid Ossening

Our master of the calligraphic nude.

Leslie Outten

A surprising and enjoyable contrast between a hectic beach and the hulking building behind it.

Stacey Street

Monday, November 13, 2017

Exhibit: Pamel Valvano Gibson

This is the first animal-only exhibit in over 25 years (so far as I remember).  Is it the first ever at the Palette and Chisel ?

As you can see above -- it's not just about the animal -- it's also about a certain elegant, liquid  sense of beauty.

And it's about animals as if they were family members.  (not so much them being human -- but more like you, the human viewer, being one of them)

This elegant piece reminds me Japanese screens -- or this Japanese wood carving at the Art Institute.

It's so refreshing to see nature art that about  gesture, expression, and large simple shapes -- instead of finicky detail.

I like the psychology here - and empathize with the desire to run free - but
I assume this creature has been fenced in for good reason.

Since the alligator had no interest (or need) to move -- this is the only painting in the show done on site