Thursday, November 16, 2017

Exhibit : Holiday Sale

Debra Balchen

A delightful rush of translucent color that seems to recall the artist's life in Cairo (Egypt, not Illinois).

Kraig Hogan

Kraig Hogan

This is the first time I've noticed his work - and might be the first time he's shown it here.

I like it!

Errol Jacobson

An exciting night in the neighborhood.

Helen Oh and Andrew Conklin

Barbara Herring

Our best painter of the "American Scene"

It's always pleasant to stroll around a college campus.

Larry Paulsen

A nice figure - as if made from bent wire.

Leonid Ossening

Our master of the calligraphic nude.

Leslie Outten

A surprising and enjoyable contrast between a hectic beach and the hulking building behind it.

Stacey Street


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