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Exhibit: Platinum Show 2009

Tom Francesconi

Nanci King Mertz

Mary Klug

Lenore Murphy (after Wyeth)

John Philbin Dolan

George Clark

Charlotte Arnold

Arun Dabholkar

Andrea Vincent

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Exhibit: Pascal Crucq

Board Minutes: 2003

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Minutes Quarterly Membership Meeting
Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Call to Order: 1st Vice President Dayle Sazonoff called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.
Reading of the Minutes of the October 8, 2002, Quarterly Meeting: Christine Jones read the minutes of the July 9th Quarterly Meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
Treasurer’s Report:
Christine Sauser provided all attendees with a copy of the Palette and Chisel 2003
Budget. Christine said that this budget is an improvement over previous budgets due to
her additional experience at P&C and also input from committees.
As of December 31, 2002:
Total revenue should be $460,000.
Total expenses should be $418,000.
Net Profit should be $42,260.
Class income, not including special workshops, was $53,000. Total class income was $173,000 and total class expenses were $120,000.
Janet Tracy asked for the source of gallery renovation funds. Christine said that one-third of all dues paid are designated for capital improvements and that extra income generated by the Palette and Chisel could be used for gallery improvement. She did say, however, that the bulk of such funds would most likely from special donor contributions. Chris also said that at a future date she would be discussing the creation of a reserve where some of the extra income would be held for operating expenses. These funds would not be available for gallery renovation.
As of October, the Bank Building Fund contained $72,000 for capital expenditures. This money is to be used for all P&C building repairs and improvements, not only for gallery renovation.
As of October 31, 2002, P&C net income was $79,000, which was $3,000 less than budgeted. Expenses were $260,000, which was $18,000 less than projected, and revenue was $341,000, which was $21,000 lower than the projected amount.
In an effort to find a new auditor, Chris Sauser and Bill Ewers have interviewed four firms. One firm, Ruzicka and Associates stood out as the best choice because of the firm’s experience with not-for-profit associations.
A motion was made to approve the 2003 budget. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Linda Jo also said that the Building Committee and the Exhibition Committee would develop standards for exhibit installation.
She asked the members to consider the various options displayed and asked members interested in giving input into this project to attend a Building Committee meeting.
Education Committee:
Janet Tracy said that with regard to the rewriting of the P&C bylaws, she will be looking into getting input from the “Lawyers for the Arts” for a yet to be determined fee.
Janet also said that in response to the Education Committee questionnaire, she had received considerable input from the membership. The Education Committee will be the focus of the first strategic planning meeting on Saturday, January 18, 2003. At which time the Committee will be discussing philosophical issues and a three-year plan. After that, the Committee will refocus on the results of the survey and bring recommendations to the Board and then the membership.
The Education Committee has recommended that the Tuesday night sculpture workshop become permanent.
Janet said that Clayton Beck will again be teaching a summer workshop. She also said that the next catalog will be delivered next week (January 19-25, 2003). Rich Morrow is working on establishing a consistent procedure for the monitors.
Janet asked members to recommend artists to teach special workshops at P&C.
Executive Director Bill Ewers:
- Bill reported that Scott Tallman will be holding a painting demonstration. Scott will paint a portrait of Lois Raub, which will hang in the P&C permanent collection. Diane Rath is organizing this demonstration, which is scheduled for February 17.
- Some of the other artists offering workshops at P&C during 2003 are Greg Kreutz and David Leffel. A more complete list will be in the new P&C catalog.
- The coach house bathroom floor has been fixed.
-The donor appeal letter has been successful and has raised just under $5,000.
-Bill said that he had finished the Chicago Marathon in 4 hours and 8 minutes.
-On October 17th, Discovery Channel will film a BBC America show at P&C called “Perfect Partner.” Phil Kantz was featured as the instructor.
-Linda Jo Clough and Jayne Bellows are asking P&C artist to donate framed black and white drawings no larger than 1 “x 14” to be hung permanently in the second floor bathroom gallery.

Election Procedures:
Bill Ewers said that there would be eight board positions up for election next year. This is in conflict with the bylaws, which call for the election of three directors for three-year terms each year.
Bill said that Linda Boatman had devised a plan to address this problem. The eight Board vacancies would be elected for terms of, two for one year, three for two years and three for three years.
Jan Flapan made a motion to waive the bylaws and accept this plan. The motion was seconded. In discussion of the motion, it was mentioned that to waive or amend the bylaws would require approval of two-thirds of the voting membership. Bill said that two-thirds of the voting membership was not in attendance. Lenore Murphy said that since the bylaws required a Board of 12 to 17 members, we could avoid the problem by electing three new members in April, which would result in a 12 member Board.
Janet Tracy made a motion to table the motion to waive the bylaws. The motion was seconded. The motion to table, passed.

Nominating Committee:
Bill proceeded with nominations from the floor, for the seven-member P&C Nominating
Committee. The eight members nominated were: Jayne Bellows, Frank Holt, Janet Tracy,
Andrea Vincent, Nancie King Mertz, Ed Wentz, Rich Morrow, and Chris Miller.
The results of the vote were: Chairman, Nancie King Mertz; Members, Jayne Bellows, Frank Holt, Janet Tracy, Andrea Vincent, Ed Wentz, and Rich Morrow; First Alternate:
Chris Miller.
Quick Sketch Motion:
Dayle Sazonoff introduced the following motion:
“That the Quick Sketch be a publication that contains any and all matters relevant to the Palette and Chisel, but for political items, grievances, or personal dialogs which will be handled in a different public forum yet to be determined.
The motion was seconded.
Jack Beckstrom made a motion to table the Quick Sketch motion until the alternate forum for matters not permitted in the Quick Sketch is determined. The motion to table was seconded.
In the discussion that followed, several members agreed that a different forum should be identified before voting on the Quick Sketch motion. Dayle said that the Board had discussed and approved this motion. She said that there are alternate forums are in place now, and that anyone could bring issues to the Board or to the Executive Director. Phil Kantz suggested the establishment of an op-ed page in the Quick Sketch and said that all

Donor and Scholarship Committee:
Leslie Outten thanked LouAnn Burkhardt, James Burrell, Lenore Murphy, and Christine Sauser who served with her as judges of the second annual scholarship competition. Winners receive a one-year membership to the Palette and Chisel and paid tuition for one course at P&C. Leslie announced the three nonmember winners. They were Dimitri Paulotsky, Marge Graham and, and Joseph Bednarski. Dimitri Paulotsky and Marge Graham were present at the meeting and each had several pieces of their work to show the membership. A one-year membership to the Palette and Chisel was awarded to artist member Karen Raidy. Leslie thanked the family of benefactor Helen Graham for their continued support of the Palette and Chisel.
Member Recognition
Dayle Sazonoff speaking on behalf of herself and Leslie Outten gave recognition and thanks to P&C artists who fbr the year 2002 donated their time, talent, and financial contributions to the preservation of the Palette and Chisel. Leslie said that this recognition event, with refreshments provided by the Palette and Chisel and Board members, would be an annual event. She said that a roster of names of P&C artists to be recognized for their contributions in 2003 is being compiled now and asked for member input.
A complete recognition list will be attached to the posted minutes.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted
Christine Jones
Corporate Secretary
Recognition List
Leslie Outten Acknowledgment Speech
Monitors: Monitors are special people at the Palette. Their responsibilities include scheduling models, setting up poses and collecting money from nonmembers and assuring the studio is clean after used.
Monitors for the year 2002 were;
Roger Akers
Dominic Catena
Nancie Clark
Scott Forbes
Phil Kantz
Bryan Kotwica

Michael Doyle, Director and member of the Finance Committee.
Alan Hruby, Director and chair of the Finance Committee and the ad hoc Long Range and Strategic Planning Committee.
Jayne Bellows, Director and Membership Committee chair interviews and welcomes new members and participates on the Building Committee.
Chris Miller, Director and participates on the Education Committee and organizes three Draw-a-thons each year.
Linda Jo Clough, Director and member of the Building Committee. She contributes to various projects.
Lenore Murphy, Director, she oversees the Dearborn Garden Walk and assists on the Donations and Scholarship Committee.
Sid Kavin, Director and designer of the upcoming P&C promotional folder.
Jim McLean, Director, assists on the Education Committee.
Mike Wilkins, Director, does portraits at the Dearborn Garden Walk.
Janet Tracy, Director, chair of the Education Committee, and participates on the Building Committee.
The following Board Members served the first part of a good part of 2002:
Ed Wentz
Frank Holt
Clare Tate
Nancie King Mertz
Dave Becker
Diane Rath
Pat Clark.
Christine Sauser also thanked the P&C office staff, Bill Ewers, Marci Parma and Cathy Garcia
Janet Tracy acknowledged the members of the Education Committee.

The following people assisted Dayle Sazonoff at the March, Spring Cleaning Art Sale:
Jerry Ruiz, Jan Flapan, Natalie Shantz, Barbara Graefen, Leslie Outten, Rich Sazonoff, Jayne Bellows, Ken McCarUS, Dave Becker and Clayton Beck.
People who assisted and supplied food and drink for the Sculpture and Drawing
Exhibition reception are Ralph Cosentino Rich Morrow, Phyllis Brodney, Jack
Beckstrom, Roger Akers, Mary Palmer, Chris and Richmond Jones and Keith and Lois
Various people who contributed refreshments to the Artists Self Portrait Exhibition are, Winifred Gailen, Dayle Sazonoff, Keith and Lois Raub, Scott Tailman, Rhonda Pennington, Tim Leeming, Ed Wentz, Jane Ellen Murray, Chris and Richmond Jones, and others.
Dayle Sazonoff organized the November Wine Tasting Furidraiser. People who assisted
where Rich Sazonoff, Leslie Outten, Rick Outten, Chris Sauser, Linda Boatman, Scott
Tailman, Barbara Graefen, Bill Ewers, Chris and Richmond Jones, Dave Becker, Nancie
King Mertz, Ron Mertz and Paula Wiener.
Additional Acknowledgments:
Rich Corzatt designs the Quick Sketch and our School Catalog
Rich Morrow works on the building and grounds, and supervises the open sessions, monitors and models.
Ed Wentz works on the grounds.
Tim Conte built new art bins for the 3rd floor.
Thanks to all the people who exhibit in our galleries and special thank you to Nancie King Mertz for the many years of extraordinarily successful exhibitions.
A special thank you to Ingrid Albrecht for her 21 students and their 3rd annual Watercolor Expressions. They decorate the P&C beautifully at Christmas and contribute quite a bit of money.
Jan Flapan is editor of the Quick Sketch. She contributes a good deal of time in that endeavor.
Jayne Bellows has helped the office get our catalog out.
Andrea Vincent has helped to remove clutter from the basement.
Dave Becker has taken digital pictures for the P&C and assisted Dayle Sazonoff with promotional ads for the P&C.

Pam Knowles
Wallace Kosberg
Vesna Lazar
Arlene Lekan
Mort Luby
Jeanine & John McShea
Joan Miller
John Nasko
Virginia Nepsha
Kathleen & Michael Newman
Kazuo Ooka
Leslie Outten
Kisoon Park
Pamela Preciado
Catherine Priest
Barbara Puechler
Dayle Sazonoff
Natalie Shantz
Steven Starr
James Steinke
Suzanne Sumner
Kishio Takeda
Meg Trboyevic
William Trotter
Andrea Vincent
Liz Wall
Marjory Wood
Dayle Sazonoff’s acknowledgement of people who participated in various events and projects.
Thanks to Nancie King Mertz and Ron Mertz for donating framing and photography services which enabled us to add a graphite drawing by Joseph Kletsch of August Petryl, president of the P&C in 1906 to grace our walls.
Diane Rath and Kathleen Newman facilitated lecture and demonstrations in the practice of portrait painting given by the American Society of Portrait Artists Regional Event at the P&C on March 9th and 10th.
Lenore Murphy facilitated the Dearborn Garden walk. She was assisted by Gina Frost, Sandy Kantz, Mary Kiug and Lois and Keith Raub.
The large gallery underwent a facelift on July 15th. People who helped were Nancie King
Mertz, Richmond and Chris Jones, Jim Wisnowski, Liz Wall, Shirlean Cruz, Matthew
Cruz, Ed Wentz, Jane Ellen Murray and Jack Beckstrom.

Clare Tate interviewed and welcomed new members through part of the year.
Thank you to people who have performed outreach to the community in the name of the P&c.
Karen Raidy performed outreach in the name of the P&C at Warren Barr Pavilion and Cabrini Green.
Barbara Graefen is performing outreach by teaching art classes at The Warren Barr Pavilion.
A special thank you to Jack Beckstrom for all the time and money that he put forth in contributing a beautiful statue to the P&C.
Frank Hensley, the historian for the P&C. He is always available to answer questions.
Thank you to Keith and Lois Raub for continuous work on exhibitions and for keeping the exhibition schedule.
Thanks to Dominic Catena for maintenance on the third floor which included changing the lights.
Thanks to our Board Members
Linda Boatman is President, coeditor of the Quick Sketch, chair of the Building Committee, and sits on various other committees. She organized the Board Retreat and is also working on grants.
Dayle Sazonoff is First Vice President, Chair of the Fundraising Committee, oversees the
Spring Cleaning Art Sale and the November Wine Tasting Benefit. She assisted Leslie
Outten with this appreciation party and is in the process of organizing various people in
the design of a P&C promotional folder.
Leslie Outten Second Vice President chairs the Donations and Scholarships Committee, organized this Donor Appreciation party and oversees the art critique group which meets once a month.
Chris Sauser, Treasurer and founder of the Finance Committee keeps us up-to-date on finances in every Quick Sketch.
Chris Jones, Corporate Secretary, keeps the minutes for all Board and Quarterly meetings. She also chairs the Exhibition Committee.
Barbara Graefen, Corresponding Secretary is a member of the Fundraising Committee.

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Minutes Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, January 16, 2003

Call to Order: President Linda Boatman called the meeting to order at 6:35 P.M.
Attendance: Linda Boatman, Dayle Sazonoff, Leslie Outten, Bill Ewers, Chris Miller,
Alan Hruby, Jim McLean, Michael Wilkins, Janet Tracy, Jayne Bellows, Michael
Doyle, Linda Jo dough, Lenore Murphy and Christine Jones.

Absent: Christine Sauser, Barbara Graefen, and Sidney Kavin.

Reading of the Minutes of the December 19, 2002, regular Board of Directors
Meeting: Because the minutes had been distributed to each board member for corrections, prior to the meeting, Linda Boatman made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes and accept them as submitted. Janet Tracy requested a change in the November minutes. She asked that under the heading Communications Committee the first sentence “Janet Tracy said that all Board members would be interviewed about this committee.” be changed to “Janet Tracy said that all Board members would be interviewed by this committee.” The Board had no objection. The change to the November minutes was approved. Janet also asked that with regard to the Communications Committee change, the December minutes which said “However, because there was no discussion and it was not officially voted into the minutes, the change was not made.” be amended to say “Because the request to amend the November minutes was not officially voted into the minutes, the change was not made. There was no objection. The December minutes were approved as amended.
There was no Treasurer’s Report
Linda Boatman’s Response to Frank Holt:
Linda said that she had received a letter from Frank Holt in which he expressed concerns about particular safety issues at P&C. Frank was concerned about fire hazards and the possibility of being trapped on the third floor. In order to assure Frank that these matters are being addressed, Linda said that P&C is regularly inspected by fire marshals. Two minor infractions were cited and will be corrected by repainting the building address numbers for greater visibility and replacing light bulbs in the exit signs.
Linda also said that P&C has fully charged fire extinguishers, sound equipped safety lights in ADA compliance, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and safety containers for hazardous waste, which is regularly removed. Linda said that safety items to be addressed include the consideration of building fire walls in the stairwells, installing crash bars on the exit doors, and periodic checks of studios and lockers to assure the proper handling of hazardous materials. Linda is arranging a building walkthrough with a fire marshal whose suggestions could become part of the strategic plan. Also discussed
was the possibility of a rooftop escape route and the installation of a fire escape on the outside north wall.

Leslie Outten said that she has seen evidence of smoking in the building and made the following motion: To establish a procedure for the creation and placement of signs saying “No Smoking - $50.00 Fine.” Repeated offenses or nonpayment of the fine would result
expulsion from the Palette and Chisel. Motion was seconded and passed.
Linda Jo dough made a motion that safety issues, particularly the outdoor fire escape be referred to the Building Committee. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Frank Holt’s second concern was the P&C art collection. Linda said that until an insurance policy rider is secured, the paintings have been removed and locked up. Linda said that she is investigating means of funding the restoration and preservation of the collection. Jim McLean suggested that the collection be made available to tour small museums and perhaps the Terra Museum. A fee paid by these museums would repay P&C for the costs of restoration and preservation. Chris Miller made a motion that the protection of the P&C permanent collection be referred to the Building Committee. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.

Responding to Frank Holt’s concern about the Nominating Committee, Linda said that because of the contradictory nature of the bylaws the membership could elect between three and eight directors in April. Linda referred to the following email sent to the officers, which suggests stabilizing the Board at 15 members. ‘Tve been projecting election slates to 2015. If we do everything in accordance with the current By-laws, the board size stabilizes at 15. I would like you to help me verify that I haven’t made any mistakes before we do anything with this.
I began by simply adding the required 3 directors for 3-year terms. For 2003, the board shrinks to 12. In 2004, because we lose Wilkins and gain 3, it grows to 14. In 2005, the board grows to 15, and is stabile after that.
After I projected enough slates to make sure of the stability, I looked back to see if we could add directors in 2003 and 2004 without destroying the stability. We can do this if we add them for shorter terms, and stay at 15 total. I filled those in, with asterisks to show they are optional positions.
This makes it possible this year to reelect more of the eight whose terms expire, if they want to remain on the board.
When I look at the current members whose terms expire this year, I think there are a possible five who would like to stay on: Jayne Bellows, Jim McLean, Linda Jo Clough, Lenore Munhy, & Chris Miller. Those who are definitely leaving are Sid Kavin and Michael Doyle. Ed Wentz already resigned.

If this information is correct, we should publicize it so the members understand, and try to make the necessary change to the by-laws so things don’t get screwed up again in the future. I think what we have to do is adopt the slates for 2003 & 2004, and set the board size at fifteen after that. I think fifteen members is better than 12, so we have a better balance of members and officers, and so that we have more people making decisions.”
Linda asked the Board to consider her suggestions.
Janet Tracy said that we should address changes in the bylaws as quickly as possible to avoid such problems in the future.
Lenore Murphy volunteered to chair an ad hoc Bylaws Committee. Janet Tracy made a motion to establish the Bylaws Committee with Lenore as chair. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Report of the Executive Director:
- Bill passed around a proof of the next P&C catalog. The catalogs should be in next week and Bill asked for volunteers to stuff and deliver them. Linda Boatman, Linda Jo Clough, and Jim McLean volunteered to deliver catalogs to area art stores.
- The donor letter has so far raised just under $5,000.00
- The coach house bathroom floor has been repaired.
- Bill Ewers said that he has received a quote of $2,030.00, with a $1,000.00 deductible for annual insurance coverage on the P&C collection. Bill said that depending on the installation of a security system and the method of hanging this work, he would try to get a reduction in the premium. The cost is prorated over 12 months. Bill asked for permission to make the first premium payment, thereby insuring the collection and allowing for its reinstallation. Janet Tracy made a motion to allow Bill to pay for this insurance at a cost not to exceed $2,100.00 annually. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Membership Committee:
Jayne Bellows presented three artists for membership consideration. Bobbie Cochran submitted printed reproductions of her work, Natash Viadirnirova submitted photographs of her paintings, and George Zaremba submitted oil paintings. Jayne moved that the Board accept the three artists as new members. The motion passed unanimously.
Building Committee:
Janet Tracy read four motions that were brought up at the Building Committee.

#1. The Building Committee shall set up a procedure to establish a list of priorities, including emergency ftinds and associate costs or estimated costs and related time frames for such priorities and bring it to the Board at the February 2003 meeting.
Janet said to Building Committee and Board input, the Committee would be asking for membership suggestions in establishing the priorities.

#2. The Building Committee will prepare a list of pros and COnS with respect to various alternatives to handling the walls and lighting in the galleries accompanied by an “apples and oranges” comparison of costs to be presented to the Board at the February 2003 meeting.
#3. That the Building Committee adhere to proper rules and procedures set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order to ensure, among other things, fair and proper debate as directed by the bylaws of the Palette and Chisel.
#4. The Building Committee will adhere to among other provisions within Robert’s Rules of Order, the provisions that state ... in a business meeting the president cannot make motions or enter into debate ... the present can enter into debate only if she leaves the chair; that is if the officer gives up the function of presiding over the meeting.
Long Range and Strategic Planning:
Alan Hruby referred to the schedule of strategic planning meetings that was included in the December Board minutes. The meetings are to be held on 5 consecutive Saturdays, from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M., addressing education, membership, exhibitions, building, fundraising and donations. He said that the presenters should concentrate on the three- year goals, and once established, we would work on the means of achieving the goals. Al encouraged all Board members to attend.
Quick Sketch:
Janet Tracy made a motion to adopt the following as alternate forums to the Quick
#1. For each mailing of the Quick Sketch, we allow for an insert to be placed only in members’ copies of the Quick Sketch mailing. This insert can contain any letters to the Board, the Editor, new ideas, etc., which would not be included in the version of the Newsletter sent to potential donors, etc.
#2. A combination of the above coupled with a secure web site only for members on the Internet. This provides an additional forum for those members who prefer Internet communication but, because it is coupled with idea #1, it does not adversely impact the members who do not want to use the Internet.
#3. In the event that a quarterly meeting is to take place and the Newsletter is not to be distributed during the time period required for notice under the bylaws, the alternate forum will be the notice of the quarterly meeting sent out by the office, with such notice containing discussions of issues, ideas, etc. This ensures that there is an open exchange of ideas prior to the Quarterly meeting, which should result in a more efficient process and meeting.
The motion was seconded.
Among the many comments made in the discussion that followed it was mentioned that the Board meetings already exist as an alternative forum. And that we should encourage
members to bring issues of concern to the meetings. It was brought up however, that the general membership seemed to reject this idea at the Quarterly meeting. It was mentioned that an insert in the Newsletter would be cost effective since it would require no additional mailing expenses. Concern was expressed that it would be difficult to shield potential donors from contentious material if it was to be printed and distributed to the membership, and that donors may feel that negative issues were being hidden from them. A point was made that these alternate forums would allow a concern, idea, or differing view to be communicated directly to the membership.
Chris Miller made a motion to table the alternative forum motion and allow those not in agreement to present their suggestions at the next Board meeting. The motion was seconded. The motion failed.
Chris Miller called for a vote on Janet Tracy’s motion to establish specific alternative forums. The vote was taken. The motion passed.
Communications Committee:
Janet Tracy asked that we postpone, until the next Board meeting, action on the motion to establish a Communications Committee.
Education Committee:
Janet Tracy made a motion that the Board approve continuation of the Tuesday night sculpture workshop with the P&C paying the model fees. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M. Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 20, 2003

Call to Order: President Dayle Sazonoff called the meeting to order at 6:40 P.M.
Attendance: Christine Sauser, Barbara Graefen, Bill Ewers, Chris Miller, Alan Hruby,
Jim McLean, Michael Wilkins, Janet Tracy, Jayne Bellows, Michael Doyle, Lenore
Murphy and Christine Jones.
Absent: Leslie Outten, Linda Jo Clough, and Sidney Kavin.

Nancie King Mertz appeared at the Board Meeting as a guest, to present the Building Committee’s plan for renovation of the gallery walls. Nancie said that the present walls in both the large and small galleries would be removed up to the crown molding except in those areas where the plaster can be repaired.
A panel system would be installed using a cleat attachment. Most panels would be removable although a few would be permanent. The panels would be made of 1/2” plywood glued to 1/2” homosote covered with a durable fabric with an acrylic backing added for greater strength and durability. The recommended fabric is Textus Imperial Mohair.

Electrical work would include moving the center light switch on the South wall of the large gallery to one end of the wall and replacing the BX with conduit and installing outlets every 8” to 10” above the base woodwork. This would bring the wiring in that wall up to code.
Based on the estimates of two contractors and the cost of fabric, the total cost this project would not exceed $50,000.
Janet Tracy expressed concern about the need for drawings to guide the contractors and about the need for fabric delivery assurances. Janet also said that the contractors were not bonded. Michael Doyle said that issuing bonds could become complicated and that withholding payment would assure completion of the work. Bill commented that the contractors came highly recommended and wanted to continue doing work for the P&C.
Christine Sauser supplied the Board with a breakdown of “Present Monies Available for
Capital Improvements as of January 31, 2003.” Chris said that this amount was
$93,926.81. Since the gallery renovation plan estimate was $50,000, there would be a
balance of almost $40,000 for other capital projects.
Michael Doyle made the following motion:
That the Board recommend, to the membership, the Building Committee’s gallery wall
renovation plan including electrical work but excluding lighting for a cost not to exceed
$50,000. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.

Reading of the Minutes of the February 16, 2003, Board of Directors Meeting:
Due to the length of the gallery wall renovation presentation, Dayle asked if there were any objections to waiving the reading of the February minutes. Since the minutes had been distributed prior to the meeting, Chris Jones suggested that anyone with changes or corrections voice them now. Janet Tracy and Chris Miller asked that the February minutes be amended to contain an explanation of Linda Boatman’s adjournment of the February meeting. Bill Ewers also said that he would supply Chris with a list of new members accepted after the February Board meeting. Chris Jones said that the amended minutes would be presented for approval at the April Board meeting.
Corrections and Additions to the February Board Meeting:
Nominating Committee: Janet Tracy said that there was some confusion in the Nominating Committee regarding the number of nominations for new director positions that was permitted in the bylaws. She said that she wanted the Board to acknowledge that we can nominate a number that would bring the Board to 17 members and that we were not restricted to the three nominations of the Nominating Committee.
Linda Boatman said that this proposal was out of order since the general membership had, at the January quarterly meeting voted on a motion in favor of electing three new directors. Janet said that this was not the case. Linda ruled her out of order. Linda said that if the meeting could not come to order she would adjourn it. Linda adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.
February new artist members: Craig Blietz, Rodney Clough, Emmanuelle De Guitant, Sam Rosenthal and Sibyl Van Poperinghe
Treasurer’s Report:
Chris Sauser reported the following as of December 31, 2002, year to date:
Revenue received, was $383,000. It was 10% below the amount budgeted. The greatest revenue contributors were classes, exhibition sales and studio and gallery rentals. Total expenses of $343,000 was 6% below the amount budgeted. Major expenses were teacher salaries, office staff salaries, model expenses and exhibition commissions. Net income from classes in 2002 was around $41,000. Model expenses were $3 8,000.
In light of the high model expenses, Bill Ewers said that he was worried about poorly attended open studio sessions and the prospect of adding new sessions. Janet Tracy said that the Education Committee is looking at that issue.
Chris Sauser reported the following as of January 31, 2003, year to date:
Revenue received was $44,163. Major revenue contributors were classes at 21% of January’s income, membership dues at 27% of January’s income. Studio and gallery rentals also were major contributors. Expenses were $20,332, which was 29% below the amount budgeted. Major expenses were office staff salaries, model expenses and printing expenses. She said that the printing of three extra sheets doubled the monthly printing cost. Net income was $54,000, which was 18% above the budgeted amount, and the P&C bank account was up by $27,000 in January.

grievances or matters of a political nature be confined to that page. Jan Flapan, current Quick Sketch editor, said that it was important to change the tone of the newsletter and make it more professional because we will be sending it to a wider audience. She said that with the expanded distribution, in order to keep printing costs from increasing, the Quick Sketch has been reduced to a smaller, four page newsletter. A vote on the motion to table was taken. The motion to table passed.
A motion was made by Va! Yachik, that the Board determine, at their next meeting, an alternate forum for matters no longer allowed in the Quick Sketch. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.

Building Committee Motion:
Janet Tracy made the following motion:
“No item of business pertaining to building committee matters shall be voted on at an open membership meeting unless such item was previously referred to the Building Committee or the Board. It is understood that an item which has been referred to the Building Committee or the Board may, however, be brought to a vote at the next open membership meeting following the initial open meeting at which such item was first presented.” The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Fund Raising Committee:
Dayle Sazonoff reported that the third annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser was a success.
100 people attended and a total of $2,500 was made for the Palette and Chisel.
Dayle announced that the annual Spring Cleaning Fundraiser would be held on March 15th and 16th, with a member’s preview and sale on the 14th from noon to 6:00 P.M. Eight paintings per artist would be accepted but if sales are good and the supply becomes depleted, more paintings could be included. Dayle said that sales in past years had been good, and encouraged everyone to participate. A prospectus would be included in the February newsletter and flyers would be posted around the building.
Building Committee:
Linda Jo Clough explained the features of a wall panel mockup. The fabric covered 4’x8’ plywood and homosote panels are to be installed over new drywall in the galleries. Each panel could be removed and repaired or replaced separately. The Building Committee has been visiting showrooms and collecting fabric samples, some of which were included with the panel mockup.
Phil Kantz said he felt a neutral mid-tone color is best for the variety of work displayed in the P&C galleries. Linda Jo said that many galleries are using more saturated colors on their display walls. One member asked if the panels could be reversed, top to bottom, because most of the nail holes are concentrated in one area across the wall and this would prolong the use of the walls. Linda Jo said that probably could be done.

Report of the Executive I)irector: Bill Ewers reported the following:
— The gallery renovation appeal has raised $5,150
— Boiler flooding problems have been addressed.
— P&C’s permanent collection is now insured and Bill will handle the re-hanging of the
— The recent P&C catalog had a defect, which required stickers to be placed in
4,000 catalogs. Bill thanked the volunteers who helped with this and asked the Board to
help distribute the catalogs. Several members volunteered to take catalogs to local art
— The basement toilet needs a new gasket.
- The Nominating Committee selected three members to run for vacant Board positions in
April. They are Clayton Beck, Val Yachik, and Susan Clinard with Ralph Cossentino as
the alternate.
Strategic and Long Range Planning: Al Hruby provided the Board members with copies of the P&V Vision Statement. He said that it was now up to the Board to implement the plan.
Fundraising: Dayle Sazonoff reported that the Spring Cleaning Fundraiser was a success. doubling our 2002 profit and raising $3,097 for P&C and $9,291 for the participating artists. Dayle encouraged the Board and membership to come up with new ways to raise funds for P&C. Chris Sauser suggested that an extra envelope, with selected projects listed could be included with the quarterly dues notices. This would allow members to make contributions, in any amount, to specific projects.
Education Committee: Janet Tracy passed around the proof of a monitor’s handbook, created by Rich Morrow.
Robert Krajecki who formerly taught at the American Academy of Art has expressed interest in teaching a fundamentals class at P&C.
The Education Committee survey is being finalized.
Students will be asked to fill out a form after each class to evaluate the class and teacher.
Susan Olsen, a student of Susan Clinard will teach a sculpture class in the fall.
Bylaws Committee: Janet established a schedule of Bylaws Committee meetings to he held on three successive Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., beginning on March
29. The Board generally agreed to this schedule. Janet said that she would give the Board, in advance of the meeting, a list of topics to be discussed. She also asked the officers to provide job descriptions for their positions based on the bylaws and the functions they are actually performing along with an ideal job description for that position. Janet said that the Board could send their ideas to Bill or her by email. Janet said that after the initial three meetings, she would like to have one or two meetings where the membership could evaluate the revised bylaws before voting on them at regular quarterly membership meeting.

Communications Committee: Janet Tracy asked that the tabled Communications Committee motion be postponed until the next Board meeting.
Quick Sketch Alternative Forum Motion: A town meeting will be held at the beginning of

Orientation of New Board Members: Chris Miller suggested that a special orientation meeting be held for new Board members. Dayle suggested that we work the orientation into a regular Board meeting. The consensus of the Board was to devote the first two hours of the April meeting to new director orientation.
Bill announced that the April Board meeting would be held on the fourth Thursday of the month, which is April 24.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M. Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary

Henry Mc Elvy
Chris Miller
Joan Minsky
Tor Muehl
Rich Morrow
Lois & Keith Raub
Peggy Sanders
Jim Tansley
Bill Trotter
Michael Van Zeyl
Clayton Beck
Setting up poses:
Ralph Cosentino
Monetary Donations
Thank you to: Lenore Murphy for her generous donation towards the coach house stairs.
The anonymous contributor who donated money towards the remodeling of the second floor bathroom.
The following people have given to The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Gallery Project as of January 1, 2003. So far we have raised just under $5,000. We thank
them kindly for their generosity. We apologize to those of you who gave after the first of
the year. You will be included in the next year acknowledgment. For those who are
interested in giving, we are still accepting donations for the Gallery Project. Thank you.
Christine Avgerenos
Victoria Brander
Caroll Callaway
Linda Jo & Rodney Clough
Carolynn Crouch
Leslie Davis
Emily DuBois Seager
Lloyd Falk
Brian & Susan Fargo
Jan Flapan
Winifred Gailen
Renee Graef
Linda Grissette
Georgia Hanes
Charles Harding
Sylvia Josephs
Phil Kantz
Sidney Kavin
Susie Kealy
Claudia Kilgore

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Emergency Membership Meeting
Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Call to Order:

President Dayle Sazonoff called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. Dayle opened the meeting by explaining that there were no exhibitions scheduled for the month of April, giving the Palette and Chisel a window of opportunity for renovation of the gallery walls. She said that members of the Building Committee will present a renovation proposal for the membership’s consideration.
Before proceeding, Dayle thanked former P&C president and Building Committee chairman Linda Boatman for her contributions to the gallery renovation project, saying that Linda’s goal was to prioritize and give organization to numerous building repairs. Dayle said that the building is in the best shape it has been in for many years because of Linda’s dedication, time and effort.
Building Committee members Nancie King Mertz, Linda Boatman, and Janet Tracy presented the Building Committee gallery wall renovation proposal.
Linda said that panels made of plywood glued to homosote would be installed on the gallery walls. They would be covered with a durable mohair upholstery fabric in a neutral color. The fabric would have an acrylic backing added for strength and stability. It would be stretched and stapled to the panels for ease of changing. The Committee members said that this fabric type and color was selected after testing it for durability by repeatedly hammering nails into it. The panels would be attached to the walls, flush with the woodwork, using wood or metal cleats. Linda said that this system would be affordable and appropriate to the needs of the Palette and Chisel.
Nancie King Mertz said that the present walls would be removed to the studs, with the exception of plaster sections that were salvageable. Drywall would be installed, extending from the woodwork at the base of the walls to the height of the panels and plaster would be applied to the area above the panels up the ceiling molding.
Dayle said that the Board had voted unanimously to recommend that this plan be brought to the membership for consideration.
Janet Tracy said that the existing BX Cable in the South wall of the large gallery would be replaced with conduit, running 6” to 8” above the base woodwork. This electrical work would be up to code and allow for the installation of electrical outlets and could facilitate future additional gallery lighting.
The total cost for this work would be $44,000 with an addition $6,000 Contingency amount, bringing the total to $50,000.
Janet brought up some issues relating to the project and the contractors, Orchard Construction and Brush of Class. She said that the contractors were not bonded but said that Orchard Construction suggested progress payments to insure completion of the work. She also felt that a written bid was needed from the fabric provider with costs for the fabric and backing plus a time frame for delivery. Linda said that the fabric was in stock and on hold. Janet also said that working drawings, to be done by Orchard Construction, had not yet been provided to P&C.
When asked by the membership why these contractors had been selected, Linda and Nancie said that their bids were reasonable and that each had a history with P&C members and had come highly recommended. Members also wanted to know if completion dates were in the bids, Janet said that this would be added to the contract along with penalties for noncompliance. It was also suggested that research be done to see if either of the contractors had been sued. Also discussed was the need for establishment of an installation protocol, and the possible addition of insulation in the gallery walls. When asked why the work was being done at this time, the committee members said that both contractors were available now, which may not be the case later in the year, and that the galleries will be empty for more than a month.

Jack Beckstrom requested that the motion be brought to the floor.
Dayle presented the following motion:
That the membership approve up to $50,000 in expenditures for
renovation of the galleries, excluding lighting.
The motion was seconded.
P&C Treasurer Christine Sauser said that the total amount of money available for capital improvements, as of January 31, 2003, was $93,926.81. The gallery renovation cost of $50,000 leaves a balance of almost $40,000 for other capital improvements. She also said that regular building maintenance costs do not come out of the fund for capital improvement

Janet Tracy made a motion to amend the original motion. She recommended that the membership approve the bids of Brush of Class and Orchard Construction with the following additions to the Orchard Construction bid:
Progress payments acceptable to the Palette and Chisel Dust protection acceptable to the Palette and Chisel Time frame with associated penalties Acceptable drawings
Installation of Conduit and receptacles up to code Appropriate Certificates of insurance The motion to amend was seconded Dayle Sazonoff called for a reading of the amended motion. Janet Tracy read the following:
Motion: To authorize the renovation of the walls of the two gallery as described in the Brush of Class bid (2/17/03) and the Orchard Construction bid, assuming receipt of fabric bid and backing bid is acceptable to us, assuming the following Points relative to the Orchard Construction and Brush of Class bid, that they Contain progress payment references to dust protection time frames with associated penalties drawings addressing Conduit and receptacles as described, Certificates of insurance Containing workman’s comp. and general liability provisions due diligence results and waivers of lien all
acceptable to the Palette and Chisel. A contingency amount of $6,000

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday, April 24, 2003
Call to Order: President Dayle Sazonoff called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.
Attendance: Bill Ewers, Alan Hruby, Janet Tracy, Leslie Outten, Ralph Cossentino, Val
Yachik, and Christine Jones.
Absent: Christine Sauser, Barbara Graefen, Michael Wilkins, Ed Wentz, and Clayton
The meeting lacked a quorum; therefore no votes could be taken.
A “Town Meeting” was held during the first twenty minutes of the meeting. Chris Miller
presented a list of issues that he wished to have the Board address.
The five issues were:
1. Enforcement of bylaws
2. To define the basics of proper business procedure
3. To define the basics of proper committee procedure
4. Establish a communications committee
5. Follow Robert’s Rules of Order
The full text of his presentation is attached.
Orientation Session:
The two new Board members in attendance introduced themselves and gave brief statements of their background and the areas in which they would like to serve at the Palette and Chisel. The other Board members discussed the current activities of the Board and their committee involvements. The new members were given a brief overview of the work of the Fund Raising, Education, Exhibition, Audit and Finance, and the Donor and Scholarship Committee. Al Hruby discussed the 2003 Vision Plan for the Palette and Chisel.
Report of the Executive Director: Bill Ewers reported the following:
- Between 40 and 50 yards of the material necessary to cover the gallery panels has been delivered. This is enough to complete the small gallery. The remainder of the fabric must be coated with an acrylic backing and should be delivered by mid May.
- Framing of the gallery walls took longer than expected because of the unevenness of the walls. With that part of the project completed, drywall installation is going quickly.
- Molding at the top of the walls will have to be repaired.
- As a result of the renovation, the pocket doors in the galleries are now in working order.
- Bill presented the work of two artists, Phil Hilliker and Naom Epstein.
Their acceptance for membership requires Board approval.
- Bill reported that there was a bad smell in the P&C office and that rodent droppings had
been seen. An exterminator has been contacted.

Fundraising Committee Report:
Davie Sazonoff reported that fund raising activities such as the Wine Tasting Event and the Spring Cleaning sale have over the past several years raised considerable money for the Palette and Chisel and have also attracted new members. Leslie Outten and Dayle both spoke about the need for Board and membership participation in the activities of the organization.
Bylaws Committee:
Janet Tracy encouraged the new members to attend and participate in the Bylaws
Committee meetings.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 P.M. Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary


Fellow Board members and members of the Palette and Chisel:
After serving two years on the Board of Managers, as well as serving on the Fundraising Committee, the Building and Grounds Committee, the Education Committee, and filling in as Intermittent Executive Director, I have seen the attitudes of many of the membership, the problems, the solutions and the mistakes. I participated to support others who wished to serve on the Board to strengthen and improve conditions at the Palette for everyone, not just a small group of members.
I am no longer willing to spend my time in meetings where productivity is sabotaged by pettiness, power struggles, a lack of cooperation and understanding, and a burning desire of a select few for control of everything.
After much effort communicating to former and present Board members about acceptable behavior, the improvement of unacceptable behavior has been little to none. This exhibits an immaturity and a selfishness that has given the Palette and Chisel an embarrassing reputation among professionals outside of the organization who are in a position to help.
With this realization, I offer my resignation as a representative of the membership.
Effective June 1, 2003, I, Barbara Graefen, hereby resign as the Palette and
Chisel’s Corresponding Secretary, and Co-chairperson of the Fundraising
I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with the other officers of the Board as well as a few members, because of their honesty, their ability to communicate, their willingness to do the grunt work, their ability to stay on top of priorities and for their respect to others in the process. I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve the membership and appreciate so many of you who took time to communicate with me. Thank you.
Respectfully and humbly yours,
Barbara Graefen April 29, 2003

When is enough.. .enough?
I’ve been a Palette and Chisel Board Member for almost ten years. You may ask, why so long? Well, I stayed because I always had hope that the good of the Palette (and I do mean the good intentioned people) would be able to elevate the P&C to be an organization benefiting artists.
Through the years, I’ve seen some good people do a lot of good things. It kept me hanging in. We’ve come out of the red and operate financially in the black, offer classes and workshops to help us grow artistically as well as provide exposure to the community.
I’ve also seen deplorable behavior that basically can be summed up as a need for “Power and Control.” This small percentage of members continues to defy every Palette & Chisel President and causes dysfunction within the organization. They use snail mail, email, board meetings and open member meetings as soapboxes to expound their disgruntled issues, many of which are negative and/or manipulated information. I promote the democratic process of freedom of speech yet question the intentions.
As I sat through the hysterics of the April Open Meeting, I was saddened and elated knowing that enough was now enough. I’ve run out of tolerance and steam to continue the uphill battle.
As of June 1, 2003, I, Leslie Outten do hereby resign as Palette & Chisel Vice President, Director of the Board of Managers, Chairperson of the Donor Scholarship Committee, Chairperson of the Monthly Critique Group and Co-Chair of the P&C Annual Acknowledgement Presentation.
Respectfully submitted,
Leslie Outten

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 15, 2003

Call to Order: President Dayle Sazonoff called the meeting to order at
6:30 P.M.
Attendance: Bill Ewers, Alan Hruby, Christine Sauser, Barbara Graefen,
Leslie Outten, Val Yachik, Ed Wentz, and Christine Jones.
Absent: Janet Tracy, Michael Wilkins, Ralph Cossentino, and Clayton
Beck. Guest Observer: Jack Beckstrom
Treasurer’s Report:
Chris Sauser reported the following for February 2003, (unaudited) Revenue received, was $20, 253.
Expenses were $24,446.
Both income and expenses were below the amount budgeted.
The greatest revenue contributors were classes, special events, and studio and gallery rentals.
Major expenses were teacher salaries, office staff salaries, model expenses and costs related to special events.
Chris Sauser also reported the following for March 2003, (unaudited) :
Revenue received, was $49,160. Expenses were $44,835.
Income was 18% higher than the budgeted amount and expenses were 17% higher than the amount budgeted.
The greatest revenue contributors were classes, exhibition sales and studio and gallery rentals.
Major expenses were teacher salaries, model expenses and building maintenance and repairs, utility expenses, and exhibition commissions. Utility costs reflected an increase because we received two gas bills in March because we had received one fewer in February.
Year to date, March 2003 (unaudited) :
Total revenue was $143,160, which is about 2% lower than the budgeted amount.
Total expenses were $89,739 which is 9% lower that the budgeted amount. Major revenue contributors were classes, membership dues, studio and gallery rentals, exhibition sales, and income from special events/activities.
Major expenses were class related expenses, salaries, model costs, and exhibition commissions.
As of March 31, 2003, the net increase in out bank account was $27,713.
Christine suggested that the Board look into the fees charged by members who facilitate workshops.
Christine provided the Board members with lists of “Outstanding Issues
Not Completed as of 5-1-03,”“Budgeting Process Timetable,”“Important
Treasury Dates to Remember,” and “Further Suggestions/sources for
Treasury Administration.” Christine explained each item, at length to
the Board in preparation for the election of a new Treasurer.
She also suggested that the Board redefine the job description of the Executive Director.

Air Conditioning:
Clayton Beck reported on a plan to add air conditioning units to the third floor studio space. Working with Dominic Catena, a P&C member and air conditioning and heating professional. Clayton recommended the purchase of four portable air conditioning units that would simply be plugged in and vented out of the third floor windows. Clayton said that the existing wiring was sufficient. The units would cost $500 each and provide adequate cooling of the studio space. Clayton said that the portable units were recommended in part because the installation of a large unit would require major changes to the roof and City inspections, making it a much more complicated, lengthy, and expensive process.
Chris Miller asked why Clayton didn’t just purchase the units as he announced at the July Membership Meeting. Chris also said that he thought this plan would not work and said that he wanted to see other options presented. Ed Wentz asked about warranties and installation contracts.
Clayton responded that he had been told by Bill Ewers and Val Yachik not to act independently and purchase the air conditioners on his own. Bill said that this air conditioning solution was the results of months of discussion with Dominic and that this decision was not made in haste. Clayton said that the units would have manufacturer’s warranties and that no installation would be necessary since the units would simply be plugged in.
Christine Jones made the following motion:
“That the Board approve the purchase and installation of 4 air conditioning units for the 3rd floor not to exceed $3,000 subject to satisfaction of concerns of the Board regarding installation, control, warranties, function and operating costs.” The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Report of the Executive Director:
Bill Ewers reported the following:
- Work on the coach house stairs would begin tomorrow (July 25).
- New P&C catalogs would be delivered the week of July 27.
- The Prix de West, an organization of prominent artists will be at the Palette and Chisel
the week of September 5th for a luncheon and tour of the building and artists’ studios.
- The American Society of Portrait Artists will hold an all day seminar at the Palette and
Chisel on September 13. Artists Rose Frantzen, Bart Lindstrom and Steve Childs will
hold painting demonstrations, slide presentations and discussions and will critique slides
of participants’ art.
- The Quick Sketch will publicize and promote the P&C’s new fundamentals class to be
taught by Robert Krajecki and Dale Popovich. Chris Miller asked information about this
class could be sent to the Artists Coalition newsletter.
- Don Lindstrom’s exhibition will be opening tomorrow (July 25th).
- NBC is filming a reality show in the P&C area. The show “Starting Over” will feature 4
women starting new lives. Clayton Beck will discuss with NBC the possibility of filming

Report of the Executive Director:
Bill Ewers reported the following:
- The workmen are repairing the crown molding in the galleries. The plaster must dry and will be painted tomorrow (May 16).
- Bill is having all exhibitors check with him for approval of the types of nails used for exhibit installations on the new panels.
- Bill is looking into additional lighting, which would be much less expensive than the amount estimated. The suggestion was to run additional tracks off the existing one and to add new fixtures.
- The reception for the Dr. Scholl exhibit will be on May 16. There were 30 pieces in the show and prizes had been added.
- The Dominic Sennelier lecture was held on May 6. Fewer than 20 members attended. A sample of art supplies valued at $25.00 was given to each attendee.
- Ingrid Albrecht will conduct a summer workshop, which will explore the different techniques of using watercolor and other water media.
- Kathleen Newman and Ken Auster will conduct a plain air workshop in the fall. There will be a half page ad in the Quick Sketch promoting this workshop.
- A P&C member has volunteered to redesign the organization website but would like to charge a fee for maintenance of the site.
Dayle Sazonoff and Ed Wentz said that there should be more publicity of special events. They suggested that these events be promoted in classes and that posters and signage, advertising these events, be posted in classrooms and around the building.
- Bill presented Rick Outten for membership. Rick submitted slides of his work. Christine Sauser made a motion to accept him for along with Phil Hilliker and Naom Epstein who were submitted for membership in April when the Board meeting didn’t have a quorum. The motion to accept the three artists passed unanimously.
Alan Hruby Resignation:
Alan Hruby read his letter of resignation from the Board and the
Finance and Audit Committee.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 P.M. Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary
To Whom it May Concern;
I hereby resign from the Board of Directors of the Palette and Chisel as well as my participation in the Finance and Audit Committee and Organizational Planning activities.
This decision is based on conflicting demands for my attention from other aspects of my life, my desire to find time to actually create art, the history of conflict among Board members, and my weariness from being forced as a Board member to deal excessively with both valid and invalid procedural issues. The sad reality is that our conflicts never seem to end, and their persistence poisons the atmosphere in which the Board must function.
I wish the remaining and future members of the Board well. However, in view of the organizational conflicts pointed out in the resignations of Dayle Sazonoff Leslie Outten, Christine Sauser and Barbara Graefen, the new leadership of the organization now must make an extraordinary effort to regain the support of the membership-at-large.
I, quite simply, have lost interest in judging whether our conflicts are the unavoidable consequence of curbing abuses of authority or whether they are the disruptive tactics of a self-serving minority. No matter what the cause, I find myself unwilling now to devote the extraordinary time and energy needed to rehabilitate the damage these conflicts have inflicted on our organization.
Alan C. Hruby

Dated: May 15, 2003.

Dear Membership:
The resignations of Dayle Sazonoff, Leslie Outten, Christine Sauser and Barbara Graefen from the Board of Managers of the Palette and Chisel are effective June 1, 2003. This will allow the remaining Board Members ample time to prepare for the July election.
Our shared philosophy is that we can only function when the common good of the organization is more important than the agendas of individual Board Members and members. It is so difficult for the Board to make any forward progress because of the inordinate amount of time spent on counter-productive issues. We have tried and failed to engender the enthusiasm and good-fellowship needed to support a positive atmosphere and cohesive organization. There has been a distinct apathy in active committee participation, diminishing the possibility of success.
Maybe the next group of officers can bring forth the necessary cooperation and enthusiasm that we could not.
Dayle Sazonoff, President
Leslie Outten, Vice President
Christine Sauser, Treasurer
Barbara Graefen, Corresponding Secretary


As of June 1, 2003 I, Dayle Sazonoff, hereby resign as the Palette and Chisel’s Acting President, Vice President, Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee, and the co-chairperson of the Annual Acknowledgment Presentation. The April quarterly meeting crystallized what I have felt for so long. After five years of service, I’ve finally had enough of the pettiness and trivialities that I witness on a frequent basis. I cannot stay and listen to the manipulations of motions, by-laws, and the By-laws committee. I cannot tolerate the creation of frivolous committees such as “Committees on Committees” and a “Communications Committee” when worthy committees such as the Exhibition and Fundraising Committees are ignored. I cannot tolerate the lack of involvement and the atmosphere created and perpetuated by a Board that makes significant fundraising an insurmountable task. I cannot tolerate the minutia that substitutes as substance in our Board meetings under the guise of Rules and Procedures. I have lost patience with this and so much more.
I love and respect the officers with whom I have served. They have performed their responsibilities with enthusiasm and skill. Whenever I chaired a fundraiser or a project, they have been there with moral support and have taken an active role. Some of the successful projects and activities directed by the four of us have included annual fundraisers, the Donor Scholarship Committee, the Dearborn Garden Walk, the annual acknowledgment presentation, an updated client list, pristine financials, a professional annual budgeting process, and the current civility present in our recent issues of the Quick Sketch. I hope the next Board will continue these good works.
One of the most important things the next group of Board members can do when serving the membership is to put the good of the Palette before their individual egos and to conduct themselves with proper decorum, in print and otherwise, as elected members of the Board. Having a good heart and a great deal of patience will serve them well.
Respectfully submitted,
Dayle Sazonoff

Dear fellow Board Members and members of the Palette & Chisel, It is with great regret that I find myself compelled to write this letter.

I became a member of the Palette and Chisel over ten years ago and was proud to belong to such a prestigious and long-established artists’ community. I immediately became involved in various Palette activities, from member exhibitions to offering my services as a consultant on financial matters to the then President and Treasurer. After this initial burst of involvement, I felt that something was holding the organization back from its potential and withdrew, like so many of our members, and became less involved in Palette activities. Approximately 2 years ago, I became distressed by the misleading financial analyses that were being distributed to the membership via third party mailings. I felt it necessary to become more active in Palette financial matters. I wanted to lend my financial expertise to the membership and to professionalize Palette treasury functions. Steps had already been taken in this direction with the arrival of our very capable accountant, Cathy Garcia and our Executive Director, Bill Ewers. I felt that with an organized and professional treasury function, the Palette and Chisel would be able to continue to establish a sound financial footing. The Palette would then also be able to present itself more favorably to potential outside contributors and donors.
I highly admired those members of the Board of Managers and officer corps, many of whom I have been proud to serve with at the present time, who held similar goals to mine to add professionalism to their areas of responsibility. All of these efforts were then, as now, being pursued for the good of the Palette and Chisel. I wanted to be part of these positive efforts. I had hope that this was a sign that our membership as a whole was becoming more energized to carry the Palette into the new century with vitality and vision.
The events of the last quarterly membership meeting have made it all too clear that the spirit required to take the Palette and Chisel to the next level of growth and development is sadly lacking. All too often our By-laws are manipulated by a small core of members to achieve specific self-interests. “The good of the Palette” is often stated as a reason to pursue a particular course of action. But it is apparent that there is little understanding that this “good” means the “good of the many” and not the “good of the few”. The level of overall membership involvement and participation in Palette functions and quarterly meetings remains extremely disappointing. A few highly motivated members have shouldered the responsibility for our growth, but more active participation is needed from the whole membership. When only a few members bear this burden, a small group of dissident members have the ability to significantly impact the destiny of the Palette. It should be determined by all of us together. Our Committees need expanded participation to guarantee a balanced perspective. Only by working together for the benefit of the overall organization will the individual member truly find an environment in which he or she can flourish. Only then can the membership guarantee a future for the Palette that reflects its and the community’s common good, and not the interests of a small minority. Unfortunately, this is not presently the case in our organization, nor have I seen any indication that this will change in the future. It is therefore with this realization in mind that I submit my resignation.
As of June 1, 2003, I, Christine Sauser do hereby resign as Palette & Chisel Treasurer, Director of the Board of Managers, member of the Audit & Finance Committee, and member of the Donors and Scholarship Committee.
Respectfull submitted,
Christine Sauser


Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday, July 24, 2003

Call to Order: President Va! Yachik called the meeting to order at 6:37 P.M.
Attendance: Bill Ewers, Ed Wentz, Clayton Beck, Chris Miller, Jane Ellen Murray, Don
Lindstrom, Michael Wilkins, and Christine Jones.
Absent: Janet Tracy, Ralph Cossentino, Dominic Catena and Marion Steffy.
Minutes: The Board waived the reading of the May 2003 minutes.
Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Jane Ellen Murray provided each Board member with a copy of the “Palette and Chisel Academy Income Statement for the Six Months ending June 30, 2003.” Jane Ellen pointed out that the year to date net income was $47,857.73, which she said is within $500 of the amount budgeted by Christine Sauser.
Jane Ellen said that the final gallery renovation cost is $54,000, which covers painting and trim work remaining to be done.
Chris Miller asked if, in the future, the Treasurer could also supply a monthly cash flow statement.
President’s Offerings:
Val Yachik said that there were many types of Palette and Chisel members such as professional members, working artists, students, hobby artists, creative associates and club joiners. He also acknowledged that problems existed between the artists working in various media and also between members who are interested in different P&C services and opportunities such as public space use and classes. He said that the Board should try to develop a greater understanding of the needs of P&C’s diverse membership and consider these needs in decision-making. Val said that he wanted the Board to have open discussions in the future.
Committees Discussion:
Chris Miller brought up for discussion what he felt was necessary committee
development and direction, including the creation of additional committees such as a
Communications Committee and an Office Committee, the status of the Bylaws
Committee and the reactivation of an ad hoc Planning Committee.
Val Yachik said that the Board would discuss the matter of committees and the vision statement at the August meeting.
a segment at the Palette and Chisel in which he would advise one of the women starting over about an art career and perhaps conduct a drawing or painting session.
- The Palette and Chisel permanent art collection will be going back up next week (week of July 27th).
- Tor Muehl sent the Board a letter congratulating the new members and volunteering to organize a group to scrape and paint the walls of the second floor studio. He requested between $300 and $500 for materials and refreshments for the volunteers. He said the project would be completed before the fall session. Michael Wilkins made a motion to accept Tor’s proposal. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
- The Color Pencil Society has requested two exhibition slots in the summer of 2005. The Exhibition Committee has approved this request.
- Bill has had discussions with a lighting contractor regarding new tracks and fixtures for the galleries. The estimated cost was $6,600. Bill said that he is researching lighting on his own and bringing his recommendations to the Board.
- Diane Rath asked that an informal party be held to add Scott Talman’s portrait of Lois Raub to the permanent collection. Val Yachik said that the Palette and Chisel should sponsor the party, provide refreshments and try to get as many members as possible to attend. Clayton Beck suggested that the party be held on the night of a Quarterly Membership Meeting.
- The Washington University Medical School alumni function again will be held at the Palette and Chisel on November 11th.
Three Arts Club Support:
Val Yachik read the attached letter that he sent to Audrey Hammerick, in support of efforts to preserve the 3 Arts Club as a dormitory for women associated with the arts. The letter was sent in response to a vote taken at the July Quarterly Membership Meeting in support of the 3 Arts Club preservation. Michael Wilkins added that he had given each Board member an affidavit in support of the 3 Arts Club preservation, to be filled out individually and sent to the Club.
Membership Committee:
Ed Wentz presented four artists for membership in the Palette and Chisel. Slides of the work of Fredrick Wackerle, Sam Knecht, Dale Popovich and Robert Krajecki were presented to the Board. The members present approved the artists but because there was no longer a quorum an official vote could not be taken. It was suggested that the artists be informed of their acceptance and that an official vote be taken at the August Board meeting.
Clayton Beck suggested that the P&C membership list include additional information about each member such as areas of interest or talents.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Christine Osada Jones, Corporate Secretary


Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday. October 30. 2003
Call to Order: President Val Yachik called the meeting to order at 6:36
Attendance: Ed Wentz. Clayton Beck, Chris Miller. Jane Ellen Murray,
Michael Wilkins. Don Lindstrom, Dominic Catena, Bill Ewers and
Christine Jones.
Absent: Janet Tracy. Marion Steffy, and Ralph Cossentino,

Minutes: Ed Wentz made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of
the September 2003 Board Meeting and accept them as submitted. The action was seconded. The motion passed.

treasurer’s Report:

treasurer Jane Ellen Murray submitted a report that the net income for the month of September was $21.250.62. which was $13.l9l.63 more than the amount budgeted. The increase is due in part to the, new Fundamentals class. which brought in $7,475.00. this. will be offset somewhat by teacher compensation
. .
The year to data net income is $72,286:46

Report of the Executive Director: .
• The annual wine tasting fund raising event has been postponed until
early in 2004.
A student of former P&C member Arnold Turtle ,has asked,for assistance from the Palette and. Chisel. in selling her collection of 29 of his paintings. Val Yachik and Bill .Ewers are investigating possible ways of conducting this sale. Val will contact Kenneth Probst. a gallery owner who is interested in American art of that era. to see if he would consider participating in this project.

On December 11. the Arts and Business Council will hold an.event at the P&C. Bill said that that this will be an opportunity for P&C to interact with the business community. And share Ideas about volunteerism.

Liliann Kirby, . the first female P&C gold nodal winner, donated one of’ her paintings to the Palette and Chisel for its permanent collection.

On November 11, the Washington University Medical School Alumni Association will hold a function at the Palette and:Chisel . Bill feels it is wise to cultivate this: relationship. .

A Christmas party for P&C members will ‘be held on Friday, December 15. This will also be the opening of a P&C faculty exhibition. Vat asked the Board to consider whether the event should be open to. The public or restricted to members, . and get their, thoughts to Bill within the next few seeks. Refreshments will be provided by the Palette and- Chisel. This gathering of P&C members will serve as the fourth Quarterly Membership Meeting of 2003’

Membership Committee Report:
Ed Wentz presented artists David Hancock, Joyce Snyder, Mary Hanas. and Paul David Brourman for membership. He also submitted the names of. Cathy Barry, a returning P&C member. The Board reviewed the artists’ work from slides, photos. printed material and paintings.

Wilkins made a motion to accept the five artists presented. The motion was seconded. The motion passed

Donor and Scholarship Committee
Committee member Chris Miller said that the committee is working on the production of a gift donation card. He passed around a sample which would feature the art of a P&C member. Chris also said that the committee is looking into asking members to add codicils to their wills, leaving a portion of their estates to the Palette and Chisel.

Don Lindstron made a notion that the board approve the expenditure of up to $500.00 for the production of a P&C gift/donor card, the notion was seconded. The notion passed.
Chris also reminded the Board that the deadline of submissions to the annual Palette and Chisel Scholarship Competition is September 3, 2003.
Val extended, the deadline until Tuesday, November 4.
Building and Grounds Committee Report:
Jane Ellen Murray reported that Bill Ewers was evaluating bids from three painting contractors for the repair and painting of the Palette and Chisel main stairwell and second floor landing,. Bids received were between $22.000 and $23,000. then Jane Ellen said that her foundation will donate $16,000 for this work. The balance will be raised from the membership through the Quick Sketch and Bill’s annual appeal letter. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the beginning of the project to stimulate interest in the work and encourage members to make donations. The work, which should begin
Shortly after the first of the year when no exhibitions are scheduled, could take several months to complete. Every precaution will be taken to ensure that the renovated galleries are not damaged.

Val displayed a sample of the light fixture that had been selected for the galleries. The new light track will run approximately one and one half feet from the ceiling and wall. An “H” configuration will be used in the small gallery. Most fixtures will be used to flood the walls with light and are intended to remain fixed. Several fixtures will be adjustable and will be used to light sculpture. Evaluation of the wiring has shown that there is sufficient power to use this lighting plan. The cost of the fixture is $1800. The cost of the mechanical work will be $3500. Ed Wentz made a motion that the board approve an expenditure of up to $5000 for the new gallery lighting. The motion was seconded, the motion was passed.

Completion of the gallery renovation project continues. The baseboards and repair of the hole in the door will be done. Additional money will have to be approved to completion of the ceiling.

Bill has received bids for an alarm system for the galleries. A motion detector will be installed in each gallery at a cost of $812. A second motion detector in the large gallery would cost an additional $150. The Palette and Chisel can choose whether to have the devices set off a loud alarm or to set off an alarm and also alert the police. When Bill said that there would be an additional monthly charge for linking the system to the police, Chris Miller questioned whether that would be necessary since the current system is already wired to the police. Bill said that he would look into that matter.
Don Lndstron made a notion to approve the expenditure of $1,100 for installation of a gallery security system. The notion was seconded. the notion passed. It is yet to be determined how the system will he used by individual exhibitors.

Finance Committee

In response to Finance Committee inquires. Bill presented a report (see attached) which addressed questions about how instructors are paid, building insurance, frequency of financial audits, a breakdown of membership categories. and a 2003 income versus expenditure analysis.

Val said that the Finance Committee made a motion that was to be brought to the Board regarding the increase in studio rental fees. Michael Wilkins made the motion that the Palette and Chisel raise studio rental fees ten percent on January 1, 2004. and review the rental fees annually, thereafter, the motion was seconded . the motion passed.

Chris Miller said that he believed that studio occupancy should rotate every four years and that rather than focusing on the rental amount we should consider how the studios serve our mission. Val said that the mission is addressed in P&C’s educational programs such as classes, workshops, and open studio sessions and that separate business considerations included dues and studio rentals Bill comments that studio occupants are some of P&C’s best volunteers and that they were valued people. He also said that in the event of a change in rental policy. the current occupants should he grandfathered into the studio rental system. Michael suggested that the policy be applied to new renters. Don Lindstrom suggested that a committee or ‘studio group’ be formed to make sure that the studios are being properly used for the production of artwork and that safety precautions are taken in the studios, Don volunteered to develop a questionnaire for studio occupants.

Communication Committee Report:

A general information brochure written by Jane Ellen Murray and designed by Ed Wentz is currently being printed. The brochure. Which contains some history of the building and the P&C organization along with information about exhibits and classes, will be available for visitors and used for general promotion.
Val said that the committee continues to work on the re-publication of the Cow Bell, a four color brochure about the P&C. He will be bringing more information to the Board in the future.

Rich Morrow’s new design for the Quick Sketch was shown to the Board. Val said that Chris Miller’s listserv proposal would be discussed at a future Board meeting.

New Business:

Chris Miller said that the Board meeting agendas be more informative
He asked that motions be included along with a small amount of information about agenda items.
Bill reported that there were 25 Richard Schmid retrospective exhibition catalogs available at $35 each.

Michael Wilkins suggested that committee meetings be held on a regular basis and that the Board be informed of the meeting dates.

Val reminded the Board that the Finance Committee is a committee of the whole and encouraged members to attend future Finance Committee meetings.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Osada Jones, Corporate Secretary

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday. December 18. 2003

Call to Order President Val Yachik called the meeting to order at 6:40 P.M.
Attendance: Ed Wentz. Clayton Beck. Chris Miller. Jane Ellen Murray. Michael
Wilkins, Don Lindstrom. Janet Tracy. Marion Steffy, Ralph Cossentino, Bill Ewers and
Christine Jones.
Absent: Dominic Catena
Minutes. Clayton Beck made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the October 2003 Board Meeting and accept them as submitted. The motion was seconded The motion passed.
Board Meeting Dates
Val initiated a discussion of establishing a definite day each month on which to hold the Board meetings He also asked the Board if they felt that monthly meetings were always necessary if there were no pressing issues to discuss and no quorum would be present. The majority of the Board felt that monthly meetings should always be held and that there were always issues to discuss or ideas to present. It was determined that future Board meetings would be held on the third Wednesday of each month, at 630 P M. Val requested that an annual meeting calendar be developed at that the Corresponding Secretary. Chris Miller maintain the calendar.
Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Jane Ellen Murray submitted a report that the net loss for the month of
November was $15,383, which was more than double the projected loss of $6,342. This
loss reflected a drop in contributions, exhibition sales and income from special events
The year to date net income is $49,626 and will probably be affected by traditional December losses However, a $ 6.000 contribution by the Murray Foundation and $3,000 raised thus far as a result of the annual appeals letter, should improve the P&C bottom line The Treasurer’s Report indicated the importance of a major effort next year to improve overall contributions from members, outside contributors and foundations
Jane Ellen presented a monthly financial reporting form that she felt was easier for the Board members to understand and asked for comments from the Board members regarding to future use of this form Jane Ellen also expressed concern about the lateness of material for the Treasurer’s Report, received from the P&C accountant. Donald Lindstrom had several questions about financial reporting at P&C
Janet Tracy made a motion that all issues related to financial reporting be sent to the Finance Committee for discussion and recommendation to the Board and that all concerns be presented in writing The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Bill was asked to contact Cathy Garcia, the P&C accountant and Anthony Ruzicka, the auditor and invite them to meet with the Board, at their convenience, within thirty days.
2004 Budget Report:
Bill provided the Board with a copy of the 2003 Budget and 2004 Budget Assumptions. Bill felt that the assumption for contributions was conservative and that P&C should, he felt, raised to $20.000, through contributions and donations, in 2004. He felt that this change should be made prior to presenting the budget to the membership.
Executive Director Job Description:
Janet Tracy, working with Bill Ewers, developed a job description for the Executive
Director position at the Palette and Chisel. Vat asked the Board to review it and to submit
comments to him.
Staff Salary Increases and Bonuses:
Clayton Beck made a motion that the salary of Executive Director Bill Ewers be raised by $5,000 and that he receive a year-end bonus of $2,000. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Donald Lindstrom made a motion the salary of Marci Parma be raised by $1.50 per hour. The motion was seconded The motion passed.
Donor and Scholarship Committee
Marion Steffy passed out copies of a gift/donation card that had been developed by the Committee A full color pastel painting of the Palette and Chisel building, by artist member Kathleen Newman. appeared on the front of the card. Ms Newman has donated the painting to the Palette and Chisel for its permanent collection Marion said that the work of other P&C artists will appear on the cover of the donation card in the future.
Individual Rental Studios
Donald Lindstrom asked that a committee be created to deal with rental studio matters. He recommended the committee include Bill Ewers. one or two Board members, and several studio renters. He suggested that this committee initiate regular studio Inspections for insurance purposes and to insure proper studio usage
Val developed a letter. to be sent to studio leaseholders. addressing the matters of periodic studio inspections and building security, he also created a standardized, general information form for all studio leaseholders. containing basic record keeping information Val asked for board comments
Val mentioned that the current lease was antiquated and asked Janet Tracy to reform it and update it A temporary lease will be issued in 1 to 2 months with a new lease forthcoming. Vat also asked that the Board consider matters for a future discussion of studio issues such as length of occupancy.
Don Lindstrom had also prepared a questionnaire for studio renters,
Bylaws Committee Report:
Janet Tracy provided the Board with a draft of the bylaw revisions and asked that the Board to e-mail suggestions or revisions to her Val said that the Board should review the major bylaw issues so that we can bring them to the Board at the next membership meeting It was thought that correcting the problem, created over several years, of the election of officers and directors was urgent. Janet asked Bill to send Board members a list of all Board members and the expiration of their terms
A meeting to review the bylaw revisions was scheduled for Wednesday. January 14, at 630 P.M. The next Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday. January 21. at 630P.M.
Bill Parks Tribute:
Clayton Beck made a statement in tribute to artist and instructor Bill Parks who passed away recently
Quarterly Meeting Christmas Party:
Val reminded the Board of the Christmas pars on December 19. He encouraged all
Board members to attend.
Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 P.M.
Respectfully submitted.
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary