Monday, March 06, 2017

Gold Medal 2017

Michael Van  Zeyl

This celebration of contemporary childhood is my pick for this year's Gold Medal.

Half real and half virtual.   

It's kinda funny -- and kinda ominous - with a strange, other-worldly glow.           
(winner - 2017 Gold Medal Award)                      

Stuart Fullerton

Another Fullerton ice queen is my pick for Second Place.  She is cold but gentle -- and her apartment is probably very well kept.

Kimberly Beck

This dramatic portrait is my pick for Third Place.  Something is weighing heavily on her mind.
She's about to make an adult decision.

Lenore Murphy

There's a lot of hope in these simple yet beautiful flowers.

Phyllis Brodny

I would have given this sensuous maelstrom an award -- if the Palette and Chisel were dedicated to abstract instead of figurative art.

George C. Clark

Claudia Selene

Seems to be an illustration for a fairy tale:  Once upon a time a handsome young prince was turned into a mouse....

Clayton Beck III
(winner : Third Place)


Andrew Conklin


Helen Oh

A Dutch treat.

James Kujaca

Jim's bedroom is almost as rockin' as Van Gogh's.

Jose Antonio Bedolla


A possible heroine for young adult fiction.

(winner : Second Place)

Lenin Del Sol

Margaret Small

Echoes of Picasso's pink period.

M. Abbott Tryboyevic

I comprehend how the corkscrew relates to the cork - but am puzzled by everything else in this image

Nancie King Mertz

Nathan Silver

My favorite piece from his recent show.


Soko Okada

Definitely not the male gaze upon a nude young woman.

Stephanie Weidner

A profoundly troubling painting - though I'm not sure why.

Perhaps it's the thought that these ancient creatures will be around long after the big brained apes have driven themselves to extinction.