Sunday, April 29, 2007

Artopolis 2007

If you thought that contemporary American Impressionism was
systematically excluded from
Art Chicago, the Bridge Art Fair, the Chicago Art Project,
and all the other pieces of Chicago's first Artopolis
(including the Antiques Fair and the Intuit Show of Folk and Outsider Art)

you wouldn't be far off.

When the motto reads "See What You Want to See" (TM)
a rather substantial minority is not included.

But it wasn't a complete shutout for the Palette and Chisel.

The above scene, found in the Antiques Fair,
was painted by Frank C. Senge (1920)
( Born 1872) -- who participated in P&C exhibit
at the Art Institute in 1916

Catherine Maize
is the only former P&C artist that I found in Art Chicago
(though I later learned that George Fischer had also been a member)

Fred Mulhaupt's
"Connecticut Landscape" (1911)
was also found in the Antiques Fair

(and James Burrell
was in the Bridge Art Fair with the piece
shown on his site)


Why is it that when there's a

"Citywide celebration of arts, antiques, and culture"

with partners including:
Beverly Arts Center,
Lill Street Studios,
Hyde Park Art Center,
and even the
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation,

as well as the visual culture that we pursue,
are not included ?

Griffith at Artopolis

With 15 paintings, Louis Oscar Griffith (1875 - 1956),
President of the Palette and Chisel, 1911,
may have been the best represented painter
at Artopolis , 2007

(the above was my favorite -- but I neglected to note the title or date !)

1900: Tomorrow (Dreaming of Chicago)

This work spanned the years of 1900- 1935

Black dress, 1900

1908 "Brittany Landscape with Figure"

Busy Street, 1908

Chicago 1910

Lakeside (wisconsin) 1915

Near Gays Mills, 1915
(and I happen to know exactly where this is,
having floated down this stream)

Sunny Deck, New Orleans, 1916

Nude with a swan - 1916-18 (in New Orleans with Robert Grafton)

1920 "Hills of Kelp (Brown County)

Indian Summer, 1928 Texas

Sycamores in autumn, 1928

1930 "Creekside"

Orchard 1930 Brown county

pink flora 1935

David Becker Watercolor Class Exhibit

Marjorie Derrah "Flower Color"

Cynthia N. Vacin "Algarue Coast"

Cathy Weiner "County Church"

Mort Millman "Afternoon on the Nile"

Lenore Murphy "Winter Reflections"

Raub "Valley of the Sun"

Alissa Smith "Fishing Shack in Maine"

Clare Tate "Villa Royale"

David Becker "Hay Baler"

Carole Giocacchini "Vineyard Gates"

Susan Gredell "Sunrise"

Helen Kessler "Giverny Reflection"

Joan MIller "Tuscany Vineyard"