Sunday, December 18, 2011

Angels in Chicago

George C. Clark

Responding to a call for artists
two P&C artists
have their angelic work
on display
this holiday season.

Audry Cramblitt

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Portraits of the Palette

Nancie King Mertz
Sullivan in the City (Detail)

Buell Cole

Tim Rees

Donald Valentin
Portrait of My Grandfather

Buell Cole

Ali Hasmut

Barton Faist
Self Portrait

Buell Cole
Lady Jack

George Clark
Portrait of Octavian
in Act I of Rosenkavalier

Errol Jacobson
Artist in Red Stormy Kromer Hat

Stephanie Weidner
Errol in Hat

Michael Van Zeyl

Al Summer

Charlotte Arnold
Soul of the Poet

Michael Van Zeyl

George Zaremba

Tim Leeming

Miguel Malagon
White Hat

Lenin Del Sol

Lenin Del Sol


... and here are photos
that Del hall
took at the opening

Ali Hasmut

Debra Balchen

Barton Faist

Val Yachik

Linda White

Errol Jacobson

George Zaremba


This picture was sent by Misha Livshulz
(the man on the right).

Standing to his left is Misha Liangleleben,
and to the far left is Mahood Said,
who trained at the Surikov Art Academy in Moscow,
and taught Ali Hasmut
when they both lived in Baghdad.

A slide show of his work
can be seen here