Monday, November 04, 2013

Exhibition: Reality

The Palette and Chisel has a 118 year history
of being more interested 
in what's in the world
than what's in the head.

So actually,
most of our exhibitions 
could  be titled

This exhibit was pulled together by Mark Huddle
who has an interest in Chicago skylines.....

... and an interest
in men beating each other
into a bloody pulp.

Andrew Conklin

Here's a my favorite piece,
a line drawing that's so light, delicate, and well designed,
it feels like a silverpoint
executed by a 16th C. master.

Andrew Conklin

Here's Andy's portrait of his wife, Helen

Helen Oh

And here are some Helen's pieces
that seem to demand a word like

Helen Oh

Some of Andy's large pieces
from the late 1990's
were hung in the show

Andy Conklin

Here's a more recent piece.
(it's 104 inches wide)

Fortunately for him
(though not for us)
it was taken to S.O.F.A. on Navy Pier
at the last minute by the Ann Nathan Gallery.

Larry Paulsen

The exhibit was richly endowed
by Larry Paulsen
with a full complement
of portraits of the P&C's favorite models


(following photos by Del Hall)

Mark Huddle

Larry Paulsen

Andrew Conklin

Helen Oh

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Mary Qian wins O.P.A. East Regional Gold Medal

24"  x 18"