Sunday, July 22, 2012

Exhibition : Verna Sadock

As a courtroom sketch artist
Verna has drawn many of Illinois'
leading politicans
on their way to the big house.

Blago even gave her a personalized autograph
that may be worth something someday

Many other celebrities have their day in court as well,
including this famous singer(R. Kelly)

And then there's the notorious Conrad Lord Black
an old-fashioned robber-baron,
convicted of looting a local newspaper (The Sun-Times)
after he had purchased it.

I like the cut of his jib!

But this show also has the other side of Verna,
something of an outsider-artist
with a style all her own

Exhibition : Mort Luby

I can't remember any exhibition
where our gallery has been so jam full
of paintings.

Mort has been quite prolific
ever since he joined Scott Talman (Powers)
and the Plein Air Painters of Chicago

Over the past four years,
He seems to have been on a mission
to paint every landmark in Chicago
or die trying

Here's one of my favorites
located in front of one the Michigan Avenue sculptures
on which, as I recall, Richard Schmid said
his grandfather once worked as a stone carver.

I asked Mort which painting was his favorite
and he said it was The 'Bean'

I like this one because it has that feeling of loneliness in a crowd,
just like Edward Hopper

This one feels like a flash-back
to the 1930's

and this one, of course,
is a flash back to the 1890's

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Board Minutes 2012

----------------------------------------------- Voting members as of September, 2012 ----------------------------------------------- Acton, Harriet Akalaonu, Blessing Akers, Roger Albrecht, Nancy Aidrin, Chad Allen, Jeff Ansell, Barbara Arenberg, Diane Arnold, Charlotte Bair, Jack Balchen-Destoppeleire, Debra Barry, Cathy Beaumont, Linell Beck III, Clayton Becker, David Beckstrom, Jack Bedolla, J Antonio Bellows, Jayne Hurt Blue, Brenda Body, Christina Borkowski, Leon Boshardy, Louisa Bostjancich, John Breitkopf, Peter Brown, Yvonne Burch, Shannon Burdick, Scott Burkhardt, Lou Ann Burrell, James Carison, Stephen C. Catena, Dominic Ciezkowski, Halina Clark, George Clarkson, Andrea Clough, Linda Jo Cole, Buell Cossentino, Ralph Crocker, Ken Currier, Alfred De La Torre, Romel Delsol, Lenin Doherty, Carolyn Dolan, John Faist, Barton Flapan, Jan Freeman, George Fullerton, Stuart Gagliardo, Connie Gailen, Winifred Gerdy, Donna Ghez, Gilbert Gibson, Pamela Grigg, Jim Gruber, Joseph Grzebielski, Ray Hajicek, James Herring, Barbara Hruby, Alan Huddle, Mark Hynes, Diane Jacobson, Errol Jones, Christine Jones, Richmond Kantz, Phil Kealy, Susie Kintz, Karol Koster, Kenneth Kuc, Susan Kujaca, Jim Lancaster, CU Lee, Mm Lee, Sookyl Lidge, Jacquelyn Lockhart, Barbara Luby, Mort Maloney, Mary McAlevy, Henry McLoughlin, Mary Mertz, Nancie Miller, Chris Miller, Joan Monastyretsky, Walter Morrow, Richard Muehl, Torsten Murphy, Lenore Murray, Jane Ellen Nasko, II, John F. Newman, Kathleen 0’ Brien, Neil Oh, Helen Oleszkiewicz, Marci Outten, Leslie Palmer, Mary Paulsen, Larry Pernau, Robert Phanthavong, John Poll, Norman Craig Preciado, Pamela Qian, Mary Raab, Sharon Raub, Keith Raub, Lois Rich, Lesley (Mosher) Richter, Tobin Roque, J. Karl Ruiz, Jerry Salinas, Gerard Sazonoff, Dayle Schneider, William Shapiro-Weiss, Syril Shipperley, George Sobolak, Janet Spence, Cable Spence, Dee Dee Stachnik, Joan Steffy, Marion Summers, Alan Takeda, Kishio Tartakover, Vladimir Tracy, Janet L. Trboyevic, Margaret Abbott Trotter, William Truesdell, Aaron Van Zeyl, Michael Vice, Linda Vincent, Andrea L. Wall, Liz Weidner, Stephanie Wentz, Edwin White, Linda Wilcox-Zhego, Elizabeth Williams, Sharon Wu, Yeongchi Yachik, Val D. Yang, Don S. Yoder, Loretta Yonan, Gloria Yun, Jae Zaremba, George ..................................................................... The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Attendance: Clayton Beck, John Dolan, Stuart Fullerton, Pam Gibson, Lenore Murphy, Jack Beckstrom, Mary Qian, Val Yachik and Bill Ewers.

1. Meeting is called to order.

2. Minutes from previous meeting reviewed. John moves to accept, Clayton seconds. Motion is passed.

3. The financials were reviewed and accepted.

4. New members: Stephen Southerland, David Penna, Sarah Denis, Larry Stackhouse, John Metido, Elisabeth Von Atzingen, Jonathan Romero, Nick Podraza, Kristin Cellone,Rafer Caudill. Clayton motions for, Stuart seconds. Motion is carried.

5. Building: Coach House roof and boiler repair were discussed. The boiler needs to be done first.

6. Goals for 2012 – 2014 were discussed and tabled until the next meeting.

7. John motions to adjourn and Clayton seconds. Motion is passed.


The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Attendance: Lenin Delsol, Clayton Beck, Pam Gibson, Lenore Murphy, Jack Beckstrom, Mary Qian, Jim Hajicek, Val Yachik and Bill Ewers.

1. Meeting is called to order.

2. Minutes from previous meeting reviewed. Pam moves to accept, Mary seconds, motion passed.

3. The purchase of new work computers for the office and using the old ones for the 2nd and 3rd floor studios for the purpose of providing internet radio is discussed. Mary motions for, Jack seconds. Motion carried.

4. New Business: New appraisal regarding insurance for the building is discussed.

5. New members: Jim Wilieko, Richard Salamone, Julie Janzen, Judith Roth, Nina Dennison. Pam motions for, Lenore seconds. Motion is carried.

6. Jack motions to adjourn, Pam seconds, motion is passed.