Sunday, July 22, 2012

Exhibition : Mort Luby

I can't remember any exhibition
where our gallery has been so jam full
of paintings.

Mort has been quite prolific
ever since he joined Scott Talman (Powers)
and the Plein Air Painters of Chicago

Over the past four years,
He seems to have been on a mission
to paint every landmark in Chicago
or die trying

Here's one of my favorites
located in front of one the Michigan Avenue sculptures
on which, as I recall, Richard Schmid said
his grandfather once worked as a stone carver.

I asked Mort which painting was his favorite
and he said it was The 'Bean'

I like this one because it has that feeling of loneliness in a crowd,
just like Edward Hopper

This one feels like a flash-back
to the 1930's

and this one, of course,
is a flash back to the 1890's


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