Monday, April 30, 2012

Better Than Health Insurance

The problem with health insurance is that, let's face it, eventually even the most expensive medical treatments are going to fail.

So over two years ago Tor Muehl began work on his final resting place, in the time honored tradition of the Pharaohs


His sarcophagus is covered with over a hundred images, taken from drawings that he made at Palette and Chisel workshops...... well as drawings made at the Field Museum and the Brookfield Zoo.

While at its feet, sleep two magnificent dogs, modeled after "Petey", a canine companion that sometimes accompanied one of the Palette and Chisel models nearly 20 years ago.

Petey was well known for his ability to sleep unperturbed on the modeling stand for hours on end - a talent which has now been captured for eternity

Behind the sarcophagus, on the wall of the burial chamber -- oops, I mean apartment -- are panels of terracotta reliefs depicting more animals from the zoo.

But his favorite animal is Midnight the cat, depicted here beneath Tor's self portrait.

It's hard to tell, from this rear view, just exactly what this figure is doing.

But it may have something to do with the golden puddle that occasionally is found on the floor.


Blogger Stephan said...

That is just amazing, Who knew what Tor was up to on his nights off!

May 03, 2012  

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