Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Election 2012

Val Yachik's campaign letter

Ed Wentz pre-campaign letter

The 2012 election is quite similar to the 2010 version , which was, itself, a scaled down version of the 2008 edition .

Incumbents are uncontested in all positions except president, for which Val and Ed are once again running.

Or... Ed is almost running.

It looks more like he's testing the waters to see whether anyone answers his "WAKE UP CALL".

And, once again there will be no public discussion except by those who shell out the $200 to send a mailing to the voting members.

Regarding the claims made in the two letters:

*It's good that, as Val notes, there's $120,000 in the building fund. But there would be more than twice that much if his board had not consistently misappropriated the building fund portion of the membership dues in order to cover operational expenses. And, of course, there might be less if any major improvements had been made over the first decade of his presidency.

*It's sad that, as Ed notes, the P&C has been acting like a "tight little group that doesn't reach out to the community. But it's also true that we have been consistently attracting some incredibly good artists to join and draw/paint/sculpt with us - as documented by many of the exhibits shown in this blog.


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