Sunday, January 10, 2010

Members Painting Members

over the past 115 years,
one P&C member
gets the notion
to paint another.

this is what I
accidentally discovered happening
last Saturday
in the 2nd Floor Studio.

The painter is Mary Qian
The painted is Pam Gibson.

They're a good match,
beause they're both
kind of wild ladies.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Drawing Marathon: New Year's 2010

The big news of the marathon
was the return of Scott Burdick and Sue Lyon
(Scott left the above drawing behind,
so perhaps we'll hang it in the bathroom gallery)

Scott Burdick

Sue Lyon

And the other big news
was Ann McMurray's
orchestration of a group photo
(the first in 75 years!)

Getting artists to sit still
and pose for a photograph
is sort of like herding cats.

(and notice how Ann is circling the herd,
just like a border collie)

Ann took charge
and got the job done.

(that's a drawing by Mort Luby in the foreground)

Has she ever worked as a choir director?

Almost there - if only
the artists wouldn't
lose concentration.

(BTW - the men posed
for a separate photo,
and they were much easier
to control)

And the third highlight
of this event
were the incredible pair models
we had for the last 3 hours.

They had never met each other
until they climbed up on the platform together.

(I like to take chances)

Above drawing is by George Clark

Tod Heitman

Maureen Warren

Chris Sears (more can be found here)

Yours truly

Yours truly

I didn't catch the name
of the mean, little old lady
who painted this.
(and she's not in the group photo)

But it best captures
the excitement of the day.