Monday, January 17, 2011

Gold Medal Show : 2011

Third Prize

My biggest thrill
in this show
was our introdution
to Ali Hasmut.

Like the Chinese in our club,
he seems to be from the
Russian school.

Here's his self portrait
that I pulled
off Facebook.

I also liked
Michael Van Zeyl's portrait
of an elegant lady.

She seems to be a
large water bird
poised for flight.

Second Prize

And then there was
Jose Anthony Bedolla's
of our most popular
male model
who also performs
as a musician.

And I liked
John Philbin Dolan's
rustic depiction of his
"Dad's Tools"

"Peoples Choice"

But the show stopper
was this babe
by Roger Akers

a fully clothed model
can be even sexier
than a nude.

And Roger signed it
on her left buttock.

I'm intrigued
by this domestic scene
by Bert Stephens
"Chrome and Loneliness"

What is happening here?

(actually - Bert says the
title should read "Chroma and Loneliness"
...but I'm still puzzled)

Diane Rath

There is something so sad
and yet triumphant
about these roses
in the snow.

Gold Medal, Diane Hynes

Much to my embarassment,
in the first edition
of this post,
I completely neglected
the winner
of this year's Gold Medal.

What was I thinking?

Take a look at her website.
she is quite a painter,
of decorative landscapes.


Linda Vice

Clayton Beck III

Dominic Catena

Phyllis Brodny

Timothy Rees


Blogger Candace X. Moore said...

Nice post, Chris. TY

January 17, 2011  
Blogger chris miller said...

Thanks, Candace.

Your blog links to an astounding number of art blogs - and I'm proud that ours is one of them!

You'll have to stop by and draw at the P&C whenever you have a long layover at O'Hare.

January 17, 2011  
Blogger Molly said...

I was thrilled by Ali Hasmut's painting when I first saw it - definitely my personal favorite!

March 10, 2011  

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