Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mary Qian in Southwest Art Magazine

Mary Qian
is on the cover
of the January 2011 issue
of Southwest Magazine.

Here's the feature story
as it appears
on their website.

There's lots of biography and
a full account of
the painting trip to China
she recently took
with Pam Gibson,
Tim Leeming, and Jose Antonio Bedolla.

And I didn't remember
that she's been at
the Palette and Chisel

Her relentless
pursuit of excellence
has made a difference,
in the Sunday painting workshop
that she's been monitoring
for several years.


Note: the magazine feature story
includes many of Mary's paintings
that are not shown on website.

Members are sure to notice
many of the regular models
who work here,
and one painting
even includes a
Palette and Chisel member
in the background.

The image is a bit sketchy,
but it appears to be
the co-founder
of ThisOldPalette,
Stuart Fullerton.


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