Saturday, October 09, 2010

Weekend with the Masters

Nestled high above the cliffs
overlooking the Pacific Ocean,
American Artist magazine
a weekend event
some of the leading artists
of the resurgent
Romantic and Neo-Academic
schools of paintings.

A close look at the event
can be found on this sculptor's blog

Many of the artists,
like Scott Burdick,
pictured above in a "painting duel" with Dan Gerhartz,
have Palette and Chisel connections.

Here's Scott's demo

Here's Schmid's demo

The list of Palette and Chisel artists

Richard Schmid
Clayton J. Beck III
Scott Burdick
Nancy Guzik,
Susan Lyon
Rose Frantzen

(and we might also include David Leffel, who's been teaching workshops here for several years now)

But, it also interesting to note the leading neo-academic artists
who were present: Anthony Graves and Tony Ryder.
(and Jacob Collins was there last year)

(here's the complete list)


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