Thursday, September 16, 2010

Palette and Chisel on You Tube

This will be
an endless post
to list all the
Palette and Chisel related
on You Tube.

with the above lecture
by Rose Frantzen.

Running almost an hour,
it's a bit long winded,
but this exhibit
at the Smithsonian
is an important event.

And here's
Richard Schmid
applying the finishing touches
to a landscape composition.

Note the the photographic source material
that he's using,
though in this video
he seems to be ignoring it.

Here's a video by one of Schmid's students.
(and note how in one scene
she is seated in the dining room
of the Palette and Chisel,
in front of Schmid's portrait
of Diana Farran,
the first woman
to be president
of the academy)


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