Sunday, August 08, 2010

Exhibit: Plein Air Painters of Chicago

Stephan Giannini
"Canal Street Bridge"

Last week,
the Chicago Tribune
had a feature story about
the neighborhood art centers in Chicago
and I'm rather proud
that the P&C,
which has been around
longer than any of them,
didn't make the list
of places where:

"community members walk through the space, ask questions, engage the artists, engage us, and then maybe take a class and experience and experiment with a particular medium."

I'd prefer
to think of the P&C
(and the P.A.P.C.)
as being a little more focused on quality,
for which
I think this exhibit
is a fine example.

(even though both organizations
are open
to anyone who wishes to join)

Fred Wackerle
"The Bean"
(Cloud Gate, Millennium Park)

Sort of like those small societies
in pre-Modern Japan
where courtiers would gather
to celebrate an occasion
with paintings and poetry.

Martha Stevens
"Waterlily pond in Lincoln Park"

Except that,
at the P&C,
there is such
a wide variety of styles

Aaron Miller
"Milwaukee and Grand"

And it's especially exciting
when there are new names
up on the labels.

Timothy Rees
"Bird Sanctuary"

Timothy Rees

Fred Wackerle
"Hot dog stand at Buckingingham Fountain"

Tim Leeming
"Cedarburg morning, Washington hotel"

Stephanie Weidner
"Absinthe in Shadow"

Stephanie Weidner

Pamela Gibson
"Eiffel Tower"

Pamela Gibson
"Norton (the mascot) at George Lowell"
(5123 North Clark)

Pablo De Leon
"Belmont Harbor"

Nancie King Mertz
"Eddie's Legacy, Easton, MD"

Mort Luby
Damen Avenue

Leslie Outten
"Fulton Market"

Kathleen Newman
"Early Light"

Ginny Pitre-Hay
"Tivoli Charm"

Errol Jacobson
"Ferris Wheel"

Don Yang
"Our Lady of Lourdes"

Vladimir Tartakov
"Near the river at the forest preserve, Skokie lagoon"


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