Friday, July 30, 2010

Palette and Chisel: The Movie

20 years ago,
Sam and Ralf
while driving across country,
spent some of their idle time
compiling a cast
"Palette and Chisel: The Movie"

Remarkably enough,
the original document
(or, at least part of it)
appears above,
and offers a little snapshop
of that era
and some sweet memories
of those who have moved on.

The top of the page has
been torn off,
but it allegedly
suggested that
Donald Sutherland
play the role of Richard Schmid

Leonard Nimoy
as Tor Muehl

Harry Morgan
as Frank Hensley

Carol Burnett
as Barb Lockhart

Charotte Rae
as Winnie Gailen

though I was too insignificant
to make the list,
let me suggest
Jon Voight
as myself

And additional suggestions
for the cast
past or present
would indeed be welcome!

John Ritter as Stephen
Jody Foster as Rose
Terri Garr as Nancy G.
Fred Savage as Scott
Julia Duffy as Sue L.


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