Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Regard to Narcisscism

Peggy Sanders

I'm not quite as bad as Hauptmann ,
but yes,
I am fascinated by portraits of myself,
even if I'm not willing to pose for them.

But last night
the model didn't show up
for my workshop,
and feeling somewhat guilty as monitor,
I volunteered to do a bit of posing.

the assembled artists
insisted that I remain clothed,
so I donned a bedsheet
hoping to resemble a Roman Senator.

(though I think it was more just like
Chris Miller in a bedsheet)

Many thanks to Peggy
for portraying me above
as the dauntless idealist
I would like to be.

Here's Stephan Giannini's version
of me
as a character out of Breughel.

And, once again,
I am flattered.

(note: the portrait to my right
is that of Tor Muehl,
resembling one of those officials
portrayed by the ancient Egyptians)

But most flattering of all
is this image drawn by Chloe,
one of the few, brave
high school students
who is wise enough
to take advantage of the P&C's
incredible opportunities to
draw from models.

In this portrait,
saturated with gravitas,
I can almost imagine myself
to be a serious adult.

Thanks to you all!


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