Monday, November 01, 2010

Exhibit: Debra Balchen

Debra Balchen
monitors the
Friday sculpture session,
so I thought
she mostly did sculpture.

But as it turns out
she also does
practically everything else
including oil painting
and glass blowing

And stained glass.

Above is one of the windows
she designed
for an Anglican church
in Cairo
(that's Cairo, Egypt... not Illinois)

As her website explains,
her marriage to a French banker
had her living for many years
in Kenya, South Africa, Italy, and Egypt.

And periodically travelling to NYC
where she took classes
at the Art Students League
(where she did the above
enormous drawing)

This exhibit includes
mostly her recent work
done at the Palette and Chisel

of a scene
depicting the glass workshop
in Kenya
where she studied

This large portrait
is of her friend,
an Anglican minister
and peace activist
from Cairo


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