Monday, August 24, 2015

Teacher and Students Show 2015


Jason Schroeder

The above painting has  nothing to do with sculpture, and little to do with drawing -- at least the kind of figure drawing practiced in our workshops.  But I did find it fascinating, because it was painted by one of the city's  best male models - and it does seem to express  the kind of energy he emanates from the model stand.

Henrique Cirne-Lima

The highlight of this year's show are the works of a Brazilian born sculptor .  As one might guess,  figure sculpture has remained more Classical in Brazil than it has in America.

Currently, he is a student in a sculpture class.

But he ought to be one of the teachers.

Henrique Cirne-Lima

Henrique Cirne-Lima

Obviously, this man is quite talented in sculpture, but his presence on the internet would suggest that he is primarily a documentary film maker.

Debra Balchen

Here is  the other highlight of this show.

It feels like a  natural, expressive human figure, but its splotchy, puffy,  consistently rumpled surface also  has much  in common with trendng "uglyfying" academics   like this one

It's a nice piece, and I can't remember seeing anything quite like it.


Arturo Aldama

Here's my favorite drawing from the show - portraying a model who recently married one of our artists and moved West with him. It feels  academic and awkward - but also  invokes, for me , the poignant character of that woman.

And its quiet intensity feels like it might have come from the workshop of Jan Van Eyck.


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