Monday, July 20, 2015

Christina Body

I've always been a big fan of Christina Body

Her work is relentlessly upbeat

And obviously, she looks a lot of paintings other than her own.

She's a member of the Plein Air society - but she's quite close to being a geo-form abstractionist.

Here, I think she's recalling some 19th C. Japanese prints.

I met her while she was sitting the show, and told her how much this reminded me of the great Wayne Thiebaud.

She agreed -- and she is also a fan of that painter
whose gallery makes an annual trip to the Chicago international art fairs.

Christina is a very serious painter -- but she is also a Mom
-- and this is the work of her youngest son.

When the early Modernists said that children are the best artists --
 this is the kind of freewheeling, beauty-loving child they must have had in mind.


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