Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Faculty Show - 2015

Another wonderful scene from Andy Conklin.  It reminds me of  Paolo Uccello and  Renaissance Italy, back when fashionable men wore similar tights.  It's hard to imagine the design of this painting without each girl having one leg in white, and the other in black..

Paolo Uccello


Cool, relaxed, healthy, young, enjoyable:  the kind of life I'd like to lead

A larger scene where Andy explores his favorite topic:  C.G.I. (Computer Generated Imagery) as depicted by D.O.M.P. (Dutch Old Master Painting)

One of  our favorite models - though without her chaotic dreadlocks.

And isn't she leaning on the kind of gray metal stool found in our third floor studio?

A priapic salute offered by Errol Jacobson.  (or, perhaps it's a defiant middle finger)


This is Errol's sharper, cleaner style -- and  this  feels like a bleak contemplation of mortality, reminding me of Van Gogh's  famous depiction of a path to nowhere:

Helen Oh

A painterly conundrum: how can you ever have too much beautiful stuff?

Every item feels like it mysteriously appeared for no good reason -- and yet, the pieces seem to be talking with each other.


I guess that's why I like the Dutch school - it's more about visual appearance than painterly expression.


Nothing can be feminine-sexier than a sea shell.

The egg -- and the broken egg.
The blooming flower - and the fallen flower.
I guess there's a story there.


This minimalist piece doesn't really work for me - but I don't want Helen to stop trying.

Larry Paulsen

Some might call this drawing unfinished - but everything feels just about right to me.

Clayton Beck

Love this area of detail.


Clayton Beck

The P&C used to have property up near Fox Lake where we could paint models outdoors.

We gave the property up during the Great Depression -- but some of us are still  painting figures in landscapes.


Ed Wentz

A swinging vision of the Grand Canal.  That looks like Santa Maria Della Salute in the background.

Steven Assael

A bit more poignant with this severe cropping.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone notice that Errol's water tower is 1/3 taller than it actual is therefore creating more of a roman obelisk than a Chicago landmark. Without and buildings behind it one might think its a shot from the 1940's but isn't that a Honda Accord in the lower left?

February 21, 2015  

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