Friday, January 02, 2015

New Years Drawing Marathon 2015

Here's a shadowy self-portrait by Del Hall, official Academy photographer, as wanders through the studios during the drawing  marathons, recording the activity within.

Though each and every artist is  not recorded -- and often the same familiar faces re-appear year after year - he does provide the best documentation these events will ever have.

Arturo Vera

Bernard Beneteau

Beth Kordick

Bill Harbinson

Brian Kotwica

Chris Miller

Christopher Sontheimer

Eileen Fergusen

Eva Tupa

Henry Maron

Henry McAlevy

Iaos-Daphne Hoouasnia

John Youssi

Joseph Gruber

Junad Rizki

Larry Paulsen

Lee Radtke

Lena Crumbaugh

Madison Stubbs

Marion Berg

Mary Beth Bellon

Maureen Warren

Ned Waith

Pat Bruchin

Phyllis Brodny

Ralph Paquet

Randall Mathais

Rong Liang

Sandy Kowerko

Scott Moore

Stuart Fullerton


Timothy Kloss

Vince Lisnic

Xiao Dong


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