Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Open House Exhibition

Andrew Conklin

"Lake View" is the dominant theme of this year's Open House exhibition.

I love this one - possibly inspired by the large Magritte show at the A.I.C.
It's wonderfully painted.

Penny Feuerstein

A more conventional view 
 I often  bicycle along this stretch on my way to the club

Delicious areas of detail

Phyllis Brodny

Photographs are only allowed on the blog
when they look like paintings.
Phyllis specializes in taking shots from her windows,
so she has plenty of time to wait for unusual moments.


Helen Oh

Lake Michigan minimalism,
which reminds me of  this early Kandinsky
that showed in Milwaukee earlier this year:

Wassily Kandinky, "Tunis, the Bay", 1905

Obviously, Lake Michigan is more subtle and refined.

Helen Oh

Errol Jacobson

Errol's street scenes seem to be a "ghost's eye view"
And it won't be long before I'll be haunting them myself.

James Burrell
"Lorte Garden"

Urbs in Horto -- or vice-versa

Leonid Osseny






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