Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Plein Air 2014

Tim Leeming

Another enjoyable plein air show !

So much variety -- so much sense of  place -- so much deft articulation.


It's not that I have anything against pretty colors and beautiful scenes -- but I especially enjoy how Tim makes Chicago's backside so attractive in a symphony of gray, black, and brown.

Miguel Malagon

This is a much more conventional landscape -- but it's too sharply, and economically,  done to feel ordinary.

It reminds me of when Richard Schmid paints alla prima - the energy is crackling.

Misha Livshulz

This pair of paintings,  dating  back to the 1990's, feels drenched with emotion -- of happy/goofy springtime shown above..........

................and of anxiety ridden autumn shown below

Rita Walker

This one reminds me of Frank Dudley, the Palette and Chisel member who specialized in depicting (and protecting) the Indiana Dunes a century ago.

Stephanie Weidner

Stephanie is not a doorway specialist --  but she could be.

Steve Puttrich

Lothar Speer

William Gram

It's impossible not to smile in front of this image - a banner for eternal, and completely irrational, optimism.

Barbara K. Herring

Dan Kolleng

Don Yang

Errol Jacobson

Kathleen Newman

Lee Radke

This is Six Corners.  I haven't been there for several years - but it's just how I remember it.

So many of the  close-ups in this show are so spacious and delightful - more than in any other P&C show (and many professional gallery shows as well)

Lynn Allen


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