Friday, March 13, 2015

The Lost Treasure

Bought for $.50 at a yard sale in Indiana, here is a memento from 1915, recording the two cherished  pastimes of the P&C membership:  oil painting and billiards.

Hopefully more information, and better images, will be forthcoming.

So far, only Victor Higgins and Oscar Griffith have been mentioned - but I'm sure Otto Hake must be in there somewhere.

Here's the list, from left to right:

John Phillips (painted by August Petrytl)
 August Petrytl (painted by Harry Leon Engle)
Rudolph Ingerle (painted by L.O. Griffith)
Otto Hake (painted by John Phillips)
L.O. Griffith (painted by Victor Higgins)
 Harry Leon Engle (painted by Rudolph Ingerle)
Victor Higgins (painted by Otto Hake)


Auction results: the P&C  bid on it -- but it actually did sell to someone with deeper pockets for more than $10,500.


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