Monday, September 04, 2006

1897: The Inland Printer

After the June 1896 article in The Inland Printer, the P&C was noticed again by that publication in 1897. Here is the article that ran under the heading "Palette And Chisel Club" from that year:

Remarkable Success of an Organization
Started a Little Over a Year Ago

There are many ways of spending Sunday in Chicago, but the Palette and Chisel club has about as good a way as any. Every Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, the members assemble in their studio on the top floor of the Athenaeum building, and for five hours they draw, paint, or model in clay from either a nude or draped model. The fact that they utilize their day of rest in this way is the strongest proof of the earnest spirit which animates the members of this comparatively young club. The association has been in existence little more than a year.

The Palette and Chisel club was organized November 1, 1895, by a little band of students in the night class of the Art Institute. They were kept busy earning a living during the day in various artistic and industrial pursuits, and as the handling of color is impossible at night a few students associated themselves as a Sunday study class, meeting first in the studio of Arnold Bunch in the Athenaeum building. The rent of the room and the expense of the models were shared by the members, and the experiment proved so helpful to the hard working students that soon others joined them and made larger quarters necessary. The next move was to room 438 in the Athenaeum building. Gradually the association took the form of a regular organization and the membership increased to nearly thirty. It was then decided that the club should be limited in membership to thirty-five, and that it should secure the exclusive possession of a permanent headquarters, in which work would be secure from interruption. So the large studio in the Athenaeum building was leased, and now every Sunday morning the members are at work before their weekday associates are out of bed or have finished breakfast.

Many branches of artistic employment are represented in the club. Sculptors, decorators, designers, engravers, newspaper artists and painters meet on a common ground, and each works in a medium best suited to his taste. The club now has a full membership and enters on the new year with every prospect of a prosperous and successful future.


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