Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Quarterly Autumn 2006

Motions that will be come before the Winter Quarterly of 2007 ( the Autumn Quarterly of 2006 never occurred) include:

1. To make Jane Ellen Murray an honorary member
2. To make Sharon Williams an honorary member


Blogger Cobalt Blue said...

Two questions, Chris:

When is the autumn quarterly and who is Sharon Williams?

August 30, 2006  
Blogger chris miller said...

For those who are unfamiliar with the people involved:

Jane Ellen Murray is a member who has donated over $50,000 over the past 5 years toward projects that included: repairing the rotting window frames; repairing and repainting the stairwell; remodeling the kitchen; landscaping a new garden around the building. She has also been active on board over this time, and once ran for president.

Sharon Williams is a non-member (but a friend of President Val Yachik) who gave valuable advice on remodeling issues in the gallery and library.

In my opinion, honorary memberships should not be given as personal or club-political favors. The recipients will never pay dues again -- and their proxies will vote on P&C issues for the rest of their lives.

Whether both of these candidates deserve for this honor -- I think their qualifications speak for themselves.

August 30, 2006  
Blogger chris miller said...

The Autumn Quarterly was canceled -- so these motions have been advanced to the Winter Quarterly which will occur later in February.

The following letter was sent to the office to be included in that's meeting's announcement:


According to P&C By-laws:

"The Board of Directors may elect, as Honorary Members of the Academy, persons who have rendered
distinguished service in the cause of art, or who have performed some outstanding service for the good and benefit of the Academy or the public in the field of fine art, such election to be ratified by a majority vote of the membership at a quarterly meeting"

So I think we need to be asking:

*Has the Board already elected these persons as Honorary Members ?
*Have they both "rendered distinguished service in the cause of art" or "performed some outstanding service for the benefit of the Academy" ?
*What should be the standard for honorary membership ?

Hopefully, those who are making these nominations will present their standards and provide details on the candidates - so we can all make a good decision.

February 08, 2007  

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