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Membership Roster, 1906

On the wall of the dining room at the P&C, there is a framed pencil sketch of a man wearing a high collar and wire-rimmed spectacles. He is smoking a short cigar. The man's name is August Petryl, and the small drawing notes that Petryl was president of the P&C in 1906.

When August Petryl was president, the club was located in the Athenaeum Building, on the seventh floor. (At one time this was the studio of Lorado Taft; later, the space was taken over by the club. Taft appears to have moved into a studio in the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Avenue in 1898.) The Athenaeum Building, 18 to 26 Van Buren, was at the intersection of Van Buren and Wabash, at the south end of the loop. I don't know if it is still there. It was in that block between Michigan and Wabash.

At any rate, here is a membership roster from the Athenaeum days (again, a copy given to me by Frank Hensley):



Organized 1895 Club Rooms & Studio 'Phone, Harrison 1373
7th Floor, Athenaeum Building


AUGUST PETRYL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President
R. W. GRAFTON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice-President
L.O. GRIFFITH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary
FRED T. LARSON. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer
WATKINS WILLIAMS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Librarian

Associate Life Members

Alfred L. Baker
Mrs. Emmons Blaine
Wm. Brace
Geo. M. Brill
W. L. Brown
W. A. Cameron
N. H. Carpenter
J. S. Dickerson
F. P. Dinkelberg
J. W. Duntley

James H. Eckels
Mrs. Ruth Swift Eversz
John M. Ewen
John C. Fetzer
W. M. R. French
Dr. J. E. Gillman
J. J. Glessner
Chas. F. Gunther
Marshall F. Holmes

Jarvis Hunt
Chas. L. Hutchinson
E. V. Johnson
Chauncey Keep
Frank G. Logan
Henry C. Lytton
S. K. Martin, Jr.
Stanley McCormick
Samuel McRoberts

Louis Mohr
Adam Ortseifen
C. L. Ricketts
Martin Ryerson
Oscar Spindler
Mrs. Annie M. Swift
A. L. Thomas
Edward Tilden
Mrs. F. W. Upham
T. E. Wells

Associate Members
A. H. Abbott
Thos. F. Adland
Moritz Boehm
Chas. D. Bohling
Geo. R. Bookman
Louis F. Braunholdt
Truman H. Brophy
Chas. C. Curtiss

J.G. Davis
Thos. E. Donnelley
C. R. Faulkner
Dr. W. E. Fribley
Carlton M. Hough
Bryant Lathrop
Geo. J. Leire
Emil A. LeGros

W. J. McBride
Malcolm McDowell
A. H. McQuilkin
Gustave Miller
James Wm. Pattison
Chas. Poppelbaum
Toby Rubovitz
T. O'Shaughnessy

J. E. Stein
Fritz Wagner
Thos. Ware
Arthur D. White
Edw. Williams
A. J. Zimmerman
A. G. Zimmerman

Active Members
F. L. Arnold
A. E. Albright
Theo. E. Behr
Fred S. Bertsch
A. Beutlich
Emil Biorn
Jos. P. Birren
H. Borgerson
W. C. Both
A. H. Brauer
R. E. Brown
C. K. Brown
C. F. Church
H. A. Collins
Oswald Cooper
John W. Cotton
Walter Curtis

Wm. D. DeWitz
F. V. Dudley
H. L. Engle
Al Foerster
F. Fursman
Fred Garner
Geo. Glotzbach
Robt. W. Grafton
L. O. Griffith
Max Gundlach
O. E. Hake
Alfred Hayden
Howard P. Heath
Ralph Holmes
David Hunter
W. H. Irvine
T. M. Jamison

Alfred Jansson
S. J. Kennedy
Emil Kleboe
E. Jan Krasa
Albert Kunze
Herman Lammers
Fred T. Larson
Joseph Lukas
Adolph Maier
Carl Mauch
Angus MacDonall
J. V. McFall
Thos. G. Moses
Wm. Nuenfeld
Arvid Nyholm
August Petryl

A. C. Peyton
Geo. A. Rieman
David Robinson
Eugene F. Savage
Geo. F. Schultz
C. L. A. Smith
E. Bert Smith
S. F. Stetson
Samuel Stoltz
Henry Thiede
T. B. Thompson
A. H. Ullrich
A. T. Van Leshout
Anders G. Walgren
Thomas Wilder
Watkins Williams
Herbert Wilson

Non-Resident Members
H. Richard Boehm
W. M. Clute
Karel Jan Hora

Henry Hutt
Ossif Linde
L. Mazzanovich

Fred Mulhaupt
N. G. Partlow
C. L. Sherman

Antonio Sterba
E. N. Thayer
J. L. S. Williams

(tomb of Martin Ryerson - Associate Life Member of the Palette and Chisel - located at Graceland Cemetery, designed by Louis Sullivan)


Blogger chris miller said...

I assume that the "Associate life members" are what were later called "patron members" -- so it could include women -- and there were quite a few of them weren't there ? (almost as many as the "associate members" -- or what we would now call "student members")

And they had a "librarian" as one of the five officers on the board !

(I've often wanted us to take our library more seriously -- because there are books of interest to us that other local libraries will not collect)

August 30, 2006  
Blogger chris miller said...

This roster lists "R.E. Brown" as a member -- and I wonder if this is a misspelling of "R.V. Brown"

January 30, 2007  

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