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Board Minutes 2003

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday. December 18. 2003

Call to Order President Val Yachik called the meeting to order at 6:40 P.M.
Attendance: Ed Wentz. Clayton Beck. Chris Miller. Jane Ellen Murray. Michael
Wilkins, Don Lindstrom. Janet Tracy. Marion Stefl, Ralph Cossentino, Bill Ewers and
Christine Jones. Absent: Dominic Catena

Minutes. Clayton Beck made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the October 2003 Board Meeting and accept them as submitted. The motion was seconded The motion passed.
Board Meeting Dates
Val initiated a discussion of establishing a definite day each month on which to hold the Board meetings He also asked the Board if they felt that monthly meetings were always necessary if there were no pressing issues to discuss and no quorum would be present. The majority of the Board felt that monthly meetings should always be held and that there were always issues to discuss or ideas to present. It was determined that future Board meetings would be held on the third Wednesday of each month, at 630 P M. Val requested that an annual meeting calendar be developed at that the Corresponding Secretary. Chris Miller maintain the calendar.
Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Jane Ellen Murray submitted a report that the net loss for the month of
November was $15,383, which was more than double the projected loss of $6,342. This
loss reflected a drop in contributions, exhibition sales and income from special events
The year to date net income is $49,626 and will probably be affected by traditional December losses However, a SI 6.000 contribution by the Murray Foundation and $3,000 raised thus far as a result of the annual appeals letter, should improve the P&( bottom line The Treasurer’s Report indicated the Importance of a major effort next year to improve overall contributions from members, outside contributors and foundations
Jane Ellen presented a monthly financial reporting form that she felt was easier for the Board members to understand and asked for comments from the Board members regarding to future use of this form Jane Ellen also expressed concern about the lateness of material for the Treasurer’s Report, received from the P&C accountant Donald Ltndstrom had several questions about financial reporting at P&C
Janet Tracy made a motion that all issues related to financial reporting be sent to the Finance Committee for discussion and recommendation to the Board and that all concerns be presented in writing The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Bill was asked to contact Cathy Garcia, the P&C accountant and Anthony Ruzicka, the auditor and invite them to meet with the Board, at their convenience, within thirty days.
2004 Budget Report:
Bill provided the Board with a copy of the 2003 Budget and 2004 Budget Assumptions. Bill felt that the assumption for contributions was conservative and that P&C should, he felt, raised to $20.000, through contributions and donations, in 2004. He felt that this change should be made prior to presenting the budget to the membership.
Executive Director Job Description:
Janet Tracy, working with Bill Ewers, developed a job description for the Executive
Director position at the Palette and Chisel. Vat asked the Board to review it and to submit
comments to him.
Staff Salary Increases and Bonuses:
Clayton Beck made a motion that the salary of Executive Director Bill Ewers be raised by $5,000 and that he receive a year-end bonus of $2,000. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Donald Lindstrom made a motion the salary of Marci Parma be raised by $1.50 per hour. The motion was seconded The motion passed.
Donor and Scholarship Committee
Marion Steffy passed out copies of a gift/donation card that had been developed by the Committee A full color pastel painting of the Palette and Chisel building, by artist member Kathleen Newman. appeared on the front of the card. Ms Newman has donated the painting to the Palette and Chisel for its permanent collection Marion said that the work of other P&C artists will appear on the cover of the donation card in the future.
Individual Rental Studios
Donald Lindsirom asked that a committee be created to deal with rental studio matters. He recommended the committee include Hill Ewers. one or two Board members, and several studio renters. He suggested that this committee initiate regular studio Inspections for insurance purposes and to insure proper studio usage
Val developed a letter. to be sent to studio leaseholders. addressing the matters of periodic studio inspections and building security, he also created a standardized, general information form for all studio leaseholders. containing basic record keeping information Val asked for board comments
Val mentioned that the current lease was antiquated and asked Janet Tracy to reformat and update it A temporary lease will be issued in 1 to 2 months with a new lease forthcoming. Vat also asked that the Board consider matters for a future discussion of studio issues such as length of occupancy.
Don Lindstrom had also prepared a questionnaire for studio renters,
Bylaws Committee Report:
Janet Tracy provided the Board with a draft of the bylaw revisions and asked that the Board to e-mail suggestions or revisions to her Val said that the Board should review the major bylaw issues so that we can bring them to the Board at the next membership meeting It was thought that correcting the problem, created over several years, of the election of officers and directors was urgent. Janet asked Bill to send Board members a list of all Board members and the expiration of their terms
A meeting to review the bylaw revisions was scheduled for Wednesday. January 14, at 630 P.M. The next Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday. January 21. at 630P.M.

Bill Parks Tribute:
Clayton Beck made a statement in tribute to artist and instructor Bill Parks who passed away recently

Quarterly Meeting Christmas Party:
Vat reminded the Board of the Christmas pars on December 19. He encouraged all
Board members to attend.

Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 P.M.

Respectfully submitted.
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary


Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Thursday, October 30, 2003

Call to Order: president Val Yachik called the meeting to order at 6:36
Attendance: Ed Wentz, Clayton Beck, Chris Miller, Jane Ellen Murray,
Michael Wilkins, Don Lindstrom, Dominic Catena, Bill Ewers and
Christine Jones.
Absent: Janet Tracy, Marion Steffy, and Ralph Cossentino.

Minutes: Ed Wentz made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the September 2003 Board Meeting and accept them as submitted. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Treasurer I s Report:
Treasurer Jane Ellen Murray submitted a report that the net income for the month of September was $21,250.82, which was $13,191.63 more than the amount budgeted. The increase is due in part to the new Fundamentals class, which brought in $7,475.00. This, will be offset somewhat by teacher compensation.
The year to date net income is $72,288.46
Report of the Executive Director:
• The annual wine tasting fund raising event has been postponed until early in 2004.
• A student of former P&C member Arnold Turtle has asked for assistance from the Palette and Chisel in selling her collection of 29 of his paintings. Val Yachik and Bill Ewers are investigating possible ways of conducting this sale. Val will contact Kenneth Probst, a gallery owner who is interested in American art of that era, to see if he would consider participating in this project.
• On December 11, the Arts and Business Council will hold an event at P&C. Bill said that this will be an opportunity for P&C to interact with the business community and share ideas about volunteerism.
• Liliane Kirby, the first female P&C gold medal winner, donated one of her paintings to the Palette and Chisel for its permanent collection.
• On November 11, the Washington University Medical School Alumni Association will again hold a function at the Palette and Chisel. Bill feels it is wise to cultivate this relationship.
• A Christmas party for P&C members will be held on Friday, December
19. This will also be the opening of a P&C faculty exhibition. Val asked the Board to consider whether the event should be open to the public as an exhibit reception or restricted to members, and get their thoughts to Bill within the next few weeks. Refreshments will be provided by the Palette and Chisel. This gathering of P&C members will serve as the fourth Quarterly Membership Meeting of 2003.
Membership Committee Report:
Ed Wentz presented artists David Hancock, Joyce Snyder, Mary Hanas, and
Paul David Brourman, for membership. He also submitted the name of
Cathy Barry, a returning &c member. The Board reviewed the artists’
work from slides, photos, printed material and paintings. Michael
said that he would look into that matter. Don Lindstrom made a motion to approve the expenditure of $1,100 for installation of a gallery security system. The motion was seconded. The motion passed. It is yet to be determined how the system will be used by individual exhibitors.

Finance Committee:
In response to Finance Committee inquires, Bill presented a report (see attached) which addressed questions about how instructors are paid, building insurance, frequency of financial audits, a breakdown of membership categories, and a 2003 income versus expenditure analysis.
Val said that the Finance Committee made a motion that was to be brought to the Board regarding the increase in studio rental fees. Michael Wilkins made the motion that the Palette and Chisel raise studio rental fees ten percent on January 1, 2004, and review the rental fees annually, thereafter. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Chris Miller said he believed that studio occupancy should rotate every four years and that rather than focusing on the rental amount we should consider how the studios serve our mission. Val said that the mission is addressed in P&C’s educational programs such as classes, workshops, and open studio sessions and that separate business considerations included dues and studio rentals. Bill commented that studio occupants are some of P&C’s best volunteers and that they were valued people. He also said that in the event of a change in rental policy, the current occupants should be grandfathered into the studio rental system. Michael suggested that the policy be applied to new renters. Don Lindstrom suggested that a committee or “studio group” be formed to make sure that the studios are being properly used for the production of artwork and that safety precautions are taken in the studios. Don volunteered to develop a questionnaire for studio occupants.
Communication Committee Report:
A general information brochure written by Jane Ellen Murray and designed by Ed Wentz is currently being printed. The brochure, which contains some history of the building and the P&C organization, along with information about exhibits and classes, will be available for visitors and used for general promotion.
Val said that the committee continues to work on the re-publication of the Cow Bell, a four-color brochure about P&C. He will be bringing more information to the Board in the future.
Rich Morrow’s new design for the Quick Sketch was shown to the Board.
Val. said that Chris Miller’s Listserv proposal would be discussed at a future Board meeting.
New Business:
Chris Miller said that the Board meeting agendas be more informative.
He asked that motions be included along with a small amount of
information about agenda items.
Bill reported that there were 25 Richard Schmid retrospective exhibition catalogs available at $35 each.

Wilkins made a motion to accept the five artists presented. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.

Donor and Scholarship Committee Report:
Committee member Chris Miller said that the committee is working on the production of a gift/donation card. He passed around a sample, which would feature the art of a P&C member. Chris also said that the committee is looking into asking members to add codicils to their wills, leaving a portion of their estates to the Palette and Chisel.
Don Lindstrom made a motion that the Board approve the expenditure of up to $500.00 for the production of a P&C gift/donor card. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Chris also reminded the Board that the deadline of submissions to the
annual Palette and Chisel Scholarship Competition is November 3, 2003.
Val extended the deadline until Tuesday, November 4.
Building and Grounds Committee Report:
Jane Ellen Murray reported that Bill Ewers was evaluating bids from three painting contractors for the repair and painting of the Palette and Chisel main stairwell and second floor landing. Bids received were between $22,000 and $23,000. The Jane Ellen said that her foundation will donate $16,000 for this work. The balance will be raised from the membership through the Quick Sketch and Bill’s annual appeal letter. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the beginning of the project to stimulate interest in the work and encourage members to make donations. The work, which should begin shortly after the first of the year when no exhibitions are scheduled, could take several months to complete. Every precaution will be taken to insure that the renovated galleries are not damaged.
Val displayed a sample of the light fixture that had been selected for the galleries. The new light track will run approximately one and one half feet from the ceiling and wall. An “H” configuration will be used in the large gallery and an “E” configuration will be used in the small gallery. Most fixtures will be used to flood the walls with light and are intended to remain fixed. Several fixtures will be adjustable and will be used to light sculpture. Evaluation of the wiring has shown that there is sufficient power to use this lighting plan. The cost of the fixtures is $1,800. The cost of mechanical work will be $3,500. Ed Wentz made a motion that the Board approve an expenditure of up to $5,000 for new gallery lighting. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Completion of the galley renovation project continues. The baseboards and repair of the hole in the door will be done. Additional money will have to be approved to completion of the ceiling.
Bill has received bids for an alarm system for the galleries. A motion detector will be installed in each gallery at a cost of $812. A second motion detector in the large gallery will cost an additional $150. The Palette and Chisel can choose whether to have the devices set off a loud alarm or to set off an alarm and also alert the police. When Bill said that there would be an additional monthly charge for linking the system to the police, Chris Miller questioned whether that would be necessary since our current system in already wired to the police. Bill

Michael Wilkins suggested that committee meetings be held on a regular basis and that the Board be informed of the meeting dates.
Val reminded the Board that the Finance Committee is a committee of the whole and encouraged members to attend future Finance Committee meetings.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PJ1. Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Call to Order: President Val Yachik called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.
Attendance: Ralph Cossentino, Dominic Catena, Ed Wentz, Clayton Beck, Chris Miller, Jane Ellen Murray, Don Lindstrom, Marion Steffy, Bill Ewers and Christine Jones.
Absent: Michael Wilkins and Janet Tracy. Guest Attendee: Cathy Garcia
Minutes: Christine Jones read the minutes of the July 2003 Board meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
Thanks to Tor Muehl: Jane Ellen Murray made a motion that the Board send a thank you note to Tor Muehl and the volunteers who painted the second floor classroom. The motion was seconded. The motion was approved.
Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Jane Ellen Murray reported the following:
- Net income for the month ending July 31, 2003, was $7,951, which was an increase of
$2,205 over the budgeted amount. The increase was due in part to payment of
membership dues during July.
- Year to date income is $55,558.
- Cash flow:
• The net cash flow provided by Operation for 7 months ending July 31 is $22,974.
• Net cash flow for investing is $50,293, which includes electrical repair, gallery improvements and some of the cost of repairing the coach house stairs.
• The only remaining expense is $4,000 owed on gallery extras.
Jane Ellen said that Bill Ewers and Cathy Garcia, our CPA, are beginning work on the 2004 budget. She reported that one added expense will be insurance for the P&C permanent collection which will be approximately $200 per month.
Bill Ewers explained an accounting discrepancy pertaining to the Building Fund. Bill said that since 1998, a portion of the membership dues have gone into the Building Fund. However this money has not been used, and Capital expenditures had been paid from the General Account. Consequently, the Building Fund must now reimburse the General Account for these expenditures. Currently the General Account contains $26,000 and the Building Fund contains $76,000. Repayment will begin by transferring enough money from the Building Fund into the General Account to make both equal at approximately $50,000. Money from dues will continue to be set aside for the Building Fund but it will be a smaller amount until the payback into the General Account is completed.

Cathy Garcia, our CPA, was present to answer any questions regarding the accounting discrepancy and to provide support for our Treasurer. She was asked about investing some of the P&C income. Cathy replied that P&C’s investment has been in the building, but that if no capital improvements were necessary the Board could then invest this money. Cathy, a non-profit specialist, also said that as a not for profit organization, P&C was healthy and able to pay its bills. She attributes this to our strong membership.
Ed Wentz suggested that the Palette and Chisel look into possibly increasing the revenue it receives by perhaps raising studio rental fees or membership dues.

Val Yachik distributed a list of committee members, to date. During discussion of the
committees, additional members were added.
Building Committee:
Chair - Val Yachik
Members - Dominic Catena, Jayne Bellows, Pam Knowles and Michael Wilkins Communications/PR Committee:
Chair - Val Yachik
Members - Ed Wentz, Jane Ellen Murray, Chris Miller and Michael Wilkins. Office Committee:
Chair - Val Yachik
Education Committee:
Chairs - Janet Tracy and Val Yachik
Members - Chris Miller, Clayton Beck and Barbara Lockhart Studio Operations Sub Committee:
Chair-Rich Morrow
Membership Committee:
Chair - Don Lindstrom
Member - Ed Wentz
Exhibition Committee:
Chair - Clayton Beck
Members - Lois Raub, Keith Raub, Richmond Jones and Christine Jones Long Range Planning Committee:
Chair - Chris Miller
Members - Clayton Beck, Jayne Bellows, Don Lindstrom
Gallery Lighting
Chair - Clayton Beck
Members - Val Yachik
Studio Lighting and Set up:
Chair - Clayton Beck
Members - Dominic Catina
Fund Raising Events/Grants Committee:
Chair - Ed Wcntz
Members - Ralph COssetjo
l)onations and Scholarship Committee:
Chair - Marion Steffy
Members - Lenore Murphy
Finance Committee:
Chair to be determined
Preliminary Committee Goals:
Val Yachik complied a preliminary list of goals for the committees he chairs.
Additional goals were added in discussion.
Communications Committee:
Revisit and redo the P&C web site
Inform members of issues at quarterly meetings
Develop a hand out kit
Redo Cow Bell like history piece in full color
Look for PR opportunities and develop media contacts
Promote fellowship opportunities (1-lave more social functions for members)
Work with Exhibition Committee to get more P&C exhibitions. Building Committee:
Finalize air conditioning
Review physical needs for building and coach house
Work with gallery and studio committees
Prioritize Building Committee projects Office Committee:
Initiate a systematic job description of director and staff
Initiate a systematic review of director and staff
Help director run office more efficiently
Create an annual contract for Executive Director
Unify computer databases
Chris Miller suggested that the Education Committee should, as one of its goals, complete action on a questionnaire that the Committee had been working on. He also suggested that the Exhibition Committees develop a similar questionnaire which
would address issues such as qualifications for exhibitions, types of exhibits, making the space available to outside exhibitors, etc.
Marion Steffy said that she felt each committee should develop its own goals and report back to the Board.
Bill said that the Palette and Chisel didn’t do a lot of community outreach and that this could be addressed by the committees.
Clayton Beck said that 500 sq. ft. had been lost in the third floor studio and that the Studio Committee would look into the problem of clutter and inappropriate storage. He also said that as chairman of the Exhibition Committee, he would like to have more quality exhibitions and parties to bring back the club atmosphere at P&C.

Va! Yachik asked for a motion to accept the committee structure. Chris Jones said that some of the committees did not officially exist. Val made a motion to accept the committee structure including the new committees: Communications/PR, Gallery Lightning, Studio Operations (sub committee), and Studio Lighting and Set up. Chris Miller asked that committee goals mentioned during the discussion be added. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.
Air Conditioning:
At the July meeting, the Board passed a motion to approve the purchase and installation of four air conditioning units, at a cost not to exceed $3,000, and subject to satisfaction of the Boards concerns regarding installation, control, warranties, function and operating costs.
Dominic Catena provided each Board member with a detailed proposal to provide air conditioning in the third floor studio. In answer to a number of questions, he said that a fifth unit mentioned in his proposal would create more efficient cooling and, since the units were portable, could be moved to the second floor studio or elsewhere if needed. The cost of operating the units would be low, approximately $1.00 per unit, per hour. In answer to a question about storage, he said that the units were small and could be housed in a cabinet built by volunteers. Dominic said that dedicated outlets and breakers would be installed for these units. He has generously volunteered to provide the necessary electrical work.
Chris Jones made a motion to amend the previous motion, increasing the number of units to five and the cost to $3,500. The motion was seconded. The motion was passed.
Membership Committee:
Ed Wentz presented one new artist P. Minh for membership. Paintings were submitted as samples of his work. Ed made a motion to accept P. Minh and also officially accept artists Fredrick Wackerle, Sam Knecht, Dale Popovich and Robert Krajecki who were presented at the July meeting, where a vote could not be taken because of the lack of a quorum. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.

Gallery Lighting:
Clayton Beck reported that he is investigating different types of lightning for the exhibition galleries. He mentioned a system that would flood the walls with light, eliminating the necessity of adjusting the lighting for each exhibition. He mentioned the problem of eliminating glare and providing some movable lighting for sculpture.
Report of the Executive Director:
The coach house stairs are near completion. The contractor is using an exposed aggregate material and finishing it with a sealant that will last four to five years.
A thank you to Tor Muehi and the other painting volunteers will be published in the Quick Sketch.

An alarm system for the two galleries is being considered. The cost for both galleries is a little under $1,000. A feature which will provide notification to the police would cost an additional $22 per month.
The new fundamentals class has six students registered.
Only six people have signed up for the American Society of Portrait Artists September
13th program at the Palette and Chisel. The cost for P&C members is $60.
Bill plans on visiting lighting showrooms for information on gallery lighting.

New Business:
Val Yachik will send a congratulatory bouquet, from the Palette and Chisel, to Richard
Schmid on the occasion of the opening of his retrospective exhibition at the Butler
Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. Val will also send a letter to Scott
Burdick thanking him for his continued support of the Palette and Chisel. Scott Burdick
was responsible for bringing the Prix de West to P&C.
Donald Lindstrom mentioned that a guest at his recent exhibition expressed interest in providing free professional landscaping for the P&C front garden.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary



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