Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Platinum Exhibition: August 2006

(The following is only a partial selection of the 2006 Platinum exhibit -- since I was unable to photograph many pieces through the reflective glare of their protective glass. If you have images you would like to display, please e-mail them to thisoldpalette@aol.com)

Mike Wilkins

Ed Wentz

Clare Tate

Stuart Fullerton

Susan Hong-Sammons

Pamela Gibson

George Shipperly (2nd place prize)

Richmond Jones

John Philbin Dolan


Marci Klug (Third Place award)

Lenore Murphy


Lenin Del Sol

Korlian Tran (gallery owner's choice)

Bob Krajecki

Larry Paulsen

Don Lindstrom

Vladimir Tartakover

George Clark

Clayton Beck III (First Place award)

(Note: award winners were selected by Aaron Galleries Modern, 50 East Oak Street.)


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