Friday, September 01, 2006

Women's Gold Medallion Winners, 1962 To 1968

It appears that after women were admitted to the P&C active membership for the first time in the early 1960's, the Gold Medal award at the annual members' exhibition continued to be reserved for men. Later on, women competed for the Gold Medal on an equal footing with men, with Lillian Kirby being the first woman to win the Gold Medal in 1977.

But in the meanwhile, the P&C solved the problem by instituting a Women's Gold Medallion competition for the ladies. Here are the winners of this award:

1962 Mary Peterson
1963 Harriet Montieth
1964 Ruth Van Sickle Ford
1965 Lillian Kirby
1966 Dorothy Frantz
1967 Nellie Deachman Kerr
1968 Beulah Mason


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