Thursday, October 26, 2006

Line Up For The Camp

From the April 1928 newsletter:

Either This or the Camp

"Everyone who in recent times has attempted to sketch on Sunday in the Caldwell or Desplaines River forest preserves will appreciate our cartoon. Only the accompanying dialogue usually runs something like this:

"Izzy: "Say! Here's some guys paintin'!"
Rosie: "Gee! Aint that swell!"
Abie: "Wonder how much he gets fer doin' it."
Eva: "My sister's brother-in-law's mother used to paint!"

"Now is the time to get the camp fever instead of the spring fever. Lots of good work was done there last year, as our exhibition proved. You cannot get the best results for your efforts in uncongenial places."
Cartoon by John Humski.


Anonymous Peggy Sanders said...

Both the cartoon and the "sign in front" drawing would look great on white t-shirts!

Print up a bunch and sell for revenue to the P&C.

October 28, 2006  

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