Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Navaho Chief at the Palette and Chisel

A recent history
of the Palette and Chisel
notes that:

" Adee Dodge,
Tribal Chief and
Administrator of the Navajo Indian Nation"

joined the Palette and Chisel back in the early 1960's.

Internet biographies never mention his
living in Chicago,
but he did marry a Chicago girl -- so who knows ?

There also seems to be some dispute over whether

"Adee was a Major in the Army Air Corp,
flying P-38
in the Pacific theatre -and began sketching

while recovering from his war wounds."

-- or ---

"Adee spent most of his service years in the
Midwestern Procurement District stationed out of
Wright-Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio

- with the rank of First Lieutenant."

( And there's also some question
whether he was ever an Indian Chief )

But still ......

he was obviously a colorful character

and the P&C is proud
to have
had him as a member !


Anonymous Gary Fillmore said...

If you're going to download images from my website without permission the least you can do is give it credit.

FYI,according to U.S. Military records, Dodge did spend the war years as a procurement officer, not a fighter pilot.

Gary Fillmore

March 03, 2008  

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