Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gold Medal Show: 2008

Romel Della Torre
(Gold medal, People's Choice)

Stuart Fullerton

Don Yang

Michael Van Zeyl

Detail of the above

Clayton Beck III

Stephen Giannini

Barbara Lockhart

Kathleen Newman

Phil Renaud

Roger Akers

Nancy Albrecht

Barbara Herring

Christine Body

George Clark


this was a disappointing show for me,
because I know that these people
are not presenting their best work,
why else have a
"Gold medal Show"?

The most successful paintings were,
as usual,
the small landscapes.

Hats off to the Plein Aire painters
of Chicago!

Figure painting
is so much more difficult
in so many ways,
and I appreciate the challenge
that Michael Van Zeyl set himself
with a 5 figure painting
(or 8 -- counting the reflections in the mirror)

I also enjoyed the drama
attempted by Stephen Giannini,
and the strangeness
of Don Yang's
version of Natanya.


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