Sunday, November 08, 2015

Treasures from the Clearance Sale

 Barbara K Herring

This tiny gem is one of the great narrative paintings of this, or any, Palette and Chisel show.

Snapped up for $90, it sold for less than a hundredth of a percent of big ticket contemporary art like this   

But that's the artworld for you.

Charles Critchelow

It looks pretty good, but I had some difficulty interpreting the object in the lower left corner -- until the label identified the location as Bughouse Square ( Washington Park), a block from the P and C..

Regretfully, this sploshing fountain has now been emptied for the winter.



Charlotte Arnold

Helen Oh

All of the small paintings featured in this post have gorgeous details -- but  this piece is so finely done, it would probably look good even under a microscope.

Jayne Bellows

Liz Wall

Misha Livshulz

Painted on-site at the Skokie lagoons  - it has that Russian/Jewish anxiety that I enjoy so much from his paintings.

William Schneider

Gentle, charming,  slightly melancholy  American Scene painting has returned!

Nearly 70 years since it was hooted of the stage by Clement Greenberg et al.


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