Saturday, November 07, 2015

Chicago Plein Air Painters 2015

Errol Jacobson

An astonishing late bloomer, Errol keeps on cranking out really good  paintings of urban life that are often my favorites in the PAPC shows.

But aren't paintings called 'plein air' when they have been painted outdoors ? I don't think all of the pieces in this show qualify.

So I'm in a quandary.

I like to look at good paintings - wherever, however they were painted.

But I'd also like to encourage that bizarre discipline of painting outdoors - where so many obstacles must be overcome: changing light, bad weather, annoying onlookers, and the need to finish quickly.

Errol Jacobson

The Field Museum ought to put this one on the cover of its magazine.

Errol Jacobson

Errol's heavy impasto actually feels like an incrustation of ice.

Kathy Hirsh

Feels very Italian - even like this famous fresco by Masaccio.

Ken Crocker

Ken Crocker

Lee Radtke

Misha Livshulz


Terry Niccoli

Tim Leeming

Stephanie Weidner

Don Yang


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