Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dearborn Circle

 Helen Oh

"Dearborn Circle" is the name that Helen Oh gave to the group of friends, colleagues, and students who joined her in this exhibition.

Most of the paintings  are copies of Old Masters,  done by students in her class.

They were disappointing - and too painful for me to show here. It probably takes years of practice to re-create historic masterpieces -- as well as access to the original rather than  reproductions from an art book.

But it's always good to look at Helen's own work.


Phyllis Brodny

Here is an original by an artist who has recently been taking Helen's classes.

A wonderfully weird and psychological still life.  It radiates a comfortable kind of discomfort.

Andy Conklin

This painting does not work for me.

But I cannot resist its details

Larry Paulsen

Here is one of the copies that I actually did like.  It  was done about 30 years ago, and Larry copied it directly from the original at the National Academy.

The original artist was Edwin Dickinson.  I hope to see his work someday.


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